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  1. Znote

    [France] [8.6] AcidsOT

    I got tired and lost interest, but the server is still online if you want to play. I hope to get back into this community eventually, I usually do. But right now I'm having fun playing with a game engine for Virtual Reality using the Rust language. So far its innovative, educational and fun...
  2. Znote

    C++ unique active player

    This only affects count reporting, if you can not connect more than 4 MC, check your network filtering rules. Etc a firewall or iptables that block more than 4 concurrent connections per IP.
  3. Znote

    TFS 1.X+ stuck to get website running "config.php" TFS 1.4.1

    Which error messages do you get? For TFS 1.4.1, you need to use TFS_10 as value in config.php
  4. Znote

    The Forgotten Server 1.4

  5. Znote

    [France] [8.6] AcidsOT

    Every account has been given +7 days of premium. We are getting close to our 1 year anniversary. :)
  6. Znote

    AAC Znote acc, monster loot help

    Hmm, the includes doesn't support dynamic pathing. The quick and dirty approach, copy the folders: engine and layout and put them in your subfolder www/bosses/. Also copy config.php to www\bosses So you have a copy www/bosses/engine/ and www/bosses/layout/, www/bosses/config.php And you...
  7. Znote

    Suggestion Remove otservlist subforum

    This thread has derailed quite considerably, and I'm not sure how to properly manage it. Its a feedback thread which makes me more lenient towards criticism against anything. I like that otland offers a place like this feedback board where users can voice their opinions. (just do it...
  8. Znote

    How to behave in an Internet Forum

    Most users who follow this, are able to avoid corrupt staff rule violations. :) (Respecting the rules also help). It also makes the forum a more pleasant place to be.
  9. Znote

    AAC Znote acc, monster loot help

    If you are using UniServerZ, go into UniServerZ/core/apache2/logs/error.log and show the latest messages when you enter that url. Did you change <?php include '/layout/overall/footer.php'; ?> to <?php include '../layout/overall/footer.php'; ?> ?
  10. Znote

    Help Znoteacc 2

    You need to enter serverinfo with admin access. You can edit page_admin_access in config.php to give your own account admin priviledges, then enter serverinfo to import values.
  11. Znote

    Suggestion otclient board for sharing modules

    I like this suggestion, we recently (ish) created the Revscripts board, and it has gotten some love from the community. It would be cool if the same happens with OTClient. Should we create some board rules, for instance thread prefixes for releases as well? In Revscript board everything is...
  12. Znote

    [TFS 1.5] Sex System

    Haha, now we need to create a custom creature "Dumpster Baby", with a chance of getting it summoned. xD
  13. Znote

    Full 8.0 Evolution Server Works Perfect!

    Thread resurrected from graveyard, thanks to @Sekula 14 The exe file and dll files were unfortunately filled to the brim with viruses, so only the data pack was restored.
  14. Znote

    [France] [8.6] AcidsOT

    Changelog: 02-10 February 2022 Slightly nerfed earth and flame primal. Winged Helmet can now roll energy resistance, spell damage and crit We have a new version of OTClient: Fixes path finding crash, action bar bug, and our custom spells can be assigned to the action bar. Reduced the health of...
  15. Znote

    Action Interface error (doors)

    Tell us which server engine you are using And post the file data/actions/scripts/other/doors.lua so we can look at it. remember to use code tags: https://otland.net/threads/how-to-display-code-properly-in-your-post.168098/ At a glance, my guess is that you are missing getItemLevelDoor function.
  16. Znote

    OTClient 1.0 (Release)

    OTClient with protocol 12 native assets support! With this PR, mehah/otclient can be fully used with TFS 1.5 protocol 12 master branch! :D
  17. Znote

    TFS 1.X+ queryAdd inventoryItem

    Create an issue on github in otland/forgottenserver repo
  18. Znote

    What is AAC?

    Hello, my friend. Stay awhile and listen... In the ancient history of OT lore, you would have to login on a server with 1/1 and play on a character that would reset everytime you logout. If you found the OT interesting, you would ask a GM if he could manually create a private account for you...
  19. Znote

    [USA] [8.6] Blazera Real Map 8.60 [LAUNCH OCT 7] Magic Items | Reborn | Mini Bosses | Events

    Nice. Good luck on your server. :) From my own experience regarding yellow highlights, it seems to give the server around +30 points on otservlist, so for me it really started to pay off after I had the server online for a few months. You will gain otservlist points by just being online with a...
  20. Znote

    [France] [8.6] AcidsOT

    Changelog: 28 January 2022 Talkaction !online will now also show compliant online numbers, and a count of unique IPs connected to the game. Summons are now able to follow you through teleports Finished True Asura spawn. NEW BOSS: Energy Primal added to the game! Our primal bosses have...