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  1. Milice

    OTClient MC

    If ur gonna compile it for windows only you could use something like FindWindow FindWindow function (Windows) if(FindWindow(??, ??)) { ExitProcess(0); }
  2. Milice

    Linux How to make error/crash log on linux (ubuntu 16.04/LEMP)

    Try nohup ./tfs & And to kill the server you can simply use killall tfs
  3. Milice

    Client Crash Market Depot 10.98

    Sources isn't for linux, the sorces are cross-platform which means(in this case) supports linux, mac osx and windows. To compile it on windows you need to use visual studio. Compiling on Windows · otland/forgottenserver Wiki · GitHub
  4. Milice

    People can´t enter my server (tibia debug)

    Glad to hear that you managed to solve the issue, best of luck with everything! :)
  5. Milice

    People can´t enter my server (tibia debug)

    From where exactly did you download it, and does it contain custom code? If the link is still alive, you may want to try using the following: [8.60] The Forgotten Server 0.3.6 (Crying Damson) V8
  6. Milice

    People can´t enter my server (tibia debug)

    Have you made sure that you are using the proper client version? Getting an RSA error like that is very strange and may happen if you're using an older client which does not use RSA at all.
  7. Milice

    Linux Segmentation fault

    Run it with a debugger, then you can make out what's crashing it i ur lucky. Instead of doing ./tfs , do gdb ./tfs and then when its loaded tell it to "run"
  8. Milice

    Client Crash Market Depot 10.98

    Added support to clientVersion 11_ - aka10 - (no official items.otb /… · mattyx14/[email protected] · GitHub Compare the proticolgamebase.cpp market function to yours in protocolgame.cpp or protocolgamebase if your server uses the same cast system as otx.
  9. Milice

    Compiling Linux Debian 8 help

    Compiling on Debian GNU Linux · otland/forgottenserver Wiki · GitHub
  10. Milice

    Solved [SOLVED] How to implement the OLD NPC system (default channel)

    May be a real dirty hack by try changing the npc channel id (const.h perhaps?) To the same one as default channel
  11. Milice

    Linux How to start compiled server

    First you have to go into the build folder, then mv ./tfs ../tfs That moves the excutable to the main directory, then do cd .. ^ back up into the main directory Then just go ahead and do ./tfs And you should be up and running
  12. Milice

    Help with HEX

    try this (hexed it quickly on linux so no promises) MEGA
  13. Milice

    10% xp for vip/premium HELP

    if (gainExperience(gainExp, target)) Shows that you indeed have a function called gainExperience. It seems like it's a bit different from the 1.3 one, post your Player::gainExperience and i'll help you out unless someone beats me to it.
  14. Milice

    10% xp for vip/premium HELP

    Depending on your distro. If you're using 1.3 change (player.cpp) void Player::gainExperience(uint64_t gainExp, Creature* source) { if (hasFlag(PlayerFlag_NotGainExperience) || gainExp == 0 || staminaMinutes == 0) { return; } addExperience(source, gainExp, true); } to...
  15. Milice

    Windows New server (pvp-e)

    if(killerPlayer->getIP() == killedPlayer->getIP()) { return; } Would be a simple way, although people could use proxies. It will ALWAYS be possible to abuse it but this should block 90% of people from doing it. If killedPlayer has X-logged this wont work though, i recommend an additional...
  16. Milice

    Protocol Version 1101

    You could probably get this somehow checking the protocol variable, although i have written an ugly fix for this (it works, but there are probably way better ways to accomplish this) This is what it looks like. I'm pretty sure every c++ developer on here would cry their eyes out. void...
  17. Milice

    Protocol Version 1101

    You can actually see the reason quite easily, check the json the server returns on login and you'll see that all the gameservers is actually just a proxy address, this new string simply just lets the proxy know which server it's supposed to be heading to. This atleast is my conclusion of all this.
  18. Milice

    Tibia 11 Webservice

    It may have to do with an outdated php configuration, update your php to the latest version and it should work.
  19. Milice

    What does this [Error - mysql_store_result] mean ?

    from looking around a bit i found something that may help, i have no idea what it says since it's in portugese or w/e but the table structures are in there. http://chaitosoft.com/blog/shopguild-points-100-add-em-players-offline/
  20. Milice

    Solved Tibia Client 11.x...

    OT community adds tibia11 support> a week later they release a "content update". Spies on OTLand confirmed.