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    Suggestion Remove otservlist subforum

    I do not believe somebody would try to put tibiantis on otservlist that's not involed with this (xinn/torg users to troll kay) <- pick one On beta stage, discord, PM msg'es, there [otland] and their forum he was spamming he will never use your list Also sharing the same statement with @Ahilphino...
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    tibiantis.online if you are old player looking for an exactly copied 7.4 rl tibia dura-online.com if you look for 7.4 with modified monsters, new areas, mysteries and daily rune supplies if you are casual player medivia.online if you look for rpg term (tasks, most custom content, different...
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    [USA][7.X~] TibiaScape - New Server (17th of June) -Long Term Retro Tibia Experience-

    and that is exactly how marketing on low rate old tibia tibia works rn kingdom scam target was the best example of why is it profitable to host only br servers because they know shit about tibia and think this is good example of server with properly working things so you have players like jere3...
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    [USA][7.X~] TibiaScape - New Server (17th of June) -Long Term Retro Tibia Experience-

    2 years of development btw bug fiesta ( patch notes tibia) admin banning people for client features xD do not get baited into playing there, admin will nerf every bug people will abuse and later wonder why no new players want to join when you will be forever behind LUL
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    [France][Custom / 7.4] Ramonia | 15th of June 2022, 18:00 CEST | Custom and Real Map | Modern Old-School

    4 years passed to still look at this very good opinions yeah 1-2 week max editions pretty much sums it up to dodge anything this guy creates
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    any dungeon based ot?

    @leopierazzoli visionot.online (played and was decent) blacktalon.online (didn't play but saw the gameplay) ascension-project.ddns.net (project in beta so expect milion bugs + only dungeon things that you look for [right now]) or archlight online but it's mastercard ots (without spending money...
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    [USA]|[7.7x] Re:Tibia:Elite monster|new spawns|Death XP 0%|Factions(Optional-PVP-E-FULL LOOT)|Party (+30% xp/memb.)|New Items/Spells/Housing/Events

    At this point, calling it official release, not a beta stage is a comedy to be honest I do not remember the OT where i had so much fun (laughing at everything that comes to your mind [bugs, monster abilities, client crashes and teleports etc] Gm teleporting to the players without enabling...
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    [France][Custom] Gothania - first Gothic II server [11th February, Saturday 16:00 CEST]

    Example of GOOD custom server and how it should look like +fresh idea (not the same custom otland maps over and over) +difficulty +cool adaptation +gm putting time to fight vs bots Recommend playing there for people who seek for mysteries + new adventures in tibia
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    TibiaScape Development 2020-2022

    Actually it's good idea to play for ban any% speedrun Check what players chose non-pvp mode and try to kill their mobs + block them completely Random pk anybody so gm will write a copy pasta for nearly whole discord screen telling he will protect his charlovers and ban you for it I was positive...
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    [France] [7.4] Faloria | Launch February 11th 20.00 GMT+1

    its insane true, same as ability to go back to previous pages and see 2-3/out of 9 pages of exposing owner with twitch clips/screenshots and writing there is not enough proof xD
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    [USA] [CUSTOM] Swordart - SAO Game Fantasy

    @snuckles "You have 15 years old" It takes few seconds to read (Joined: month, day, year) I think you typed your post with such rage after being exposed that you couldn't even realise his account has 10 years xD Every otland user created their accounts on 5th birthday or before that, that's...
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    [France] [7.4] Faloria | Launch February 11th 20.00 GMT+1

    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Name Grinchy On Rook Sex Male Level 9 Vocation No vocation Last Login 01 June 2022 Residence Rookgaard Status Offline Created 08 April 2022 � Death List 31 May 2022 (10:02) Killed at level...
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    Medivia and their updates

    He went for the cipsoft plan of getting rid of hardcore gamers (most of them quit after much p2w changes). The players who play rn are mostly mastercard playerbase or players who spend all the time playing and selling stuff for items from premium store. There is less players but they bring much...
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    Thief system ideas

    Im pretty sure there is a beta of one ots which has that thief system working on NPC houses It is plahdaria/phalmaria idk the name because i forgot but similiar to that But instead of going to jail, on beginner island NPC hits you to red hp, on mainland NPC can kill you for stealing loot (so you...
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    [France] [7.4 / Custom] Realesta - Riveria! [May 27th, Friday at 18:00 CET] | Many updates | Long-term conditions!

    As punio returns on twitch to stream his shit ots, do not fall into the bait of viewbots One of his viewers bought it before he went on youtube (constant 1k viewers with 100-200 chatters) and he wasn't on main twitch page Only his drunk stream got 400 chatters max
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    Ravendawn - Development Thread

    Game doesn't even look like Tibia so good luck chilling Also the 2,1k like counter looks very nice, yesterday the same 2,1k, today the same 2,1k with 3k viewership increase wonder how many views+likes you paid for
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    [UK][7.4] Tibiantis Online

    Aruthang exist, maybe it's time to slowly make higher lvl content (jungle themed city) around end of 2022 or 2023 first half
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    [Poland] [8.00] Trapera | Edited Karmia/Vanilla | Start 19/05/2022 at 18:00 CEST

    new year, new me, ofc i am going to change my mental and attitude Clueless new thread, new server, for the better tomorrow xD not recommending
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    [USA] [CUSTOM] Swordart - SAO Game Fantasy

    My experience with this ot Login into ot See 68000 quests Realise server has 13 years on otland posts/site Open calculator Realise GM is adding 14 quests every day from the server start Yeah, very legit server xD
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    [France] [7.4] Faloria | Launch February 11th 20.00 GMT+1

    I remember them I spent few hours to make pk char to kill random low lvls to make them quit from this shit ot because i was bored Funny thing was i had 2 clients opened and those guys came on their alt noob low lvls (i saw what they tried to do with my runemaker) and they stood near my runemaker...