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    OTClient sprite file too large

    anyone know how to open spr file ? sprite editor not working file too large. Object Builder say unsupported version. Any more ideas how to open or change size of file ?
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    Lua Speed by walking

    Hi everyone looking for script dont know if possible but. Walking in special room (special floor) that train Your speed not as just normal speed to speeed up Your walking if anyone know how to do it it would be nice. Can even be unique id of item 😁👊 1657969714 Sorted… if anyone Want script pm me 😁
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    OTClient Making new vocation

    alright i thought i have to compliation server and do something else. Sorted fast but problem with item editor while i am using 0.3.7 not whole of items showing up when using other version not newest but new its showing me cant load files spr :D you know how to fix it ? 1657556006 or different...
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    OTClient Making new vocation

    Hi like in title. Does anyone know or have some yt or here video link how to make vocation from 0 expect graphic. I mean to put step by step everything to server. xml files voccation.xml etc.
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    account.php error

    SELECT id, name, password, premdays, p_vocations, p_vocations1, lastday, email, group_id, create_ip, create_date, premium_points, page_access, location, rlname, email_new, email_new_time, email_code, next_email, last_post, flag FROM accounts WHERE name = 'Login' now shows my that
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    account.php error

    if(in_array($search_by, self::$fields)) $search_string = $this->getDatabaseHandler()->fieldName($search_by) . ' = ' . $this->getDatabaseHandler()->quote($search_text); else new Error_Critic('', 'Wrong Account search_by type.'); $fieldsArray = array()...
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    client error 10061

    Trying to log in to the server but doesn't matter what i am doing always error 10061 ports done ip changing for mine or google cloud because i am using it or and none of them works ip changed in client same results. Using ubunt 20.0.4 with google cloud if any ideas let me know thanks
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    account.php error

    [error] 105175#105175: *9528 FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function fetch() on bool in /var/www/html/classes/account.php:33 does anyone know how to fix it ? i am using ubuntu 20.0.4