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  1. Sarah Wesker

    Tibia on VPS

    Generally, VPS are for hosting servers of some kind, not for playing video games in real time. This section is to ask for support about Open Tibia not to know how to play Tibia on a VPS
  2. Sarah Wesker

    help pass !life to tfs 1.4

    line 9: if not target or target:isInGhostMode() and not player:canSeeGhostMode(target) then
  3. Sarah Wesker

    [TFS 1.3] Small Boss Room

    if you want to force an exact amount using allowedAnyParticipantsCount = false you can do what @Xikini suggested. but if in another script you use allowedAnyParticipantsCount = true adding those return true will break the logic.
  4. Sarah Wesker

    Lua Transform revscriptsys

    --[[ <event type="think" name="client" script="client.lua"/> <event type="login" name="checkclient" script="client.lua"/> ]]-- local function isCorrectClient(player) player:registerEvent("client") local client = player:getClient() return client.os == 5 and client.version >= 1261 end...
  5. Sarah Wesker

    Lua Transform revscriptsys

    of course if you can use it without revscript, just remove the revscript part and register it in creaturesscripts.xml think and login
  6. Sarah Wesker

    [TFS 1.4] Turn on/off pvp by using item

    You must return RETURNVALUE_NOERROR in all cases, except when protected, you return RETURNVALUE_YOUMAYNOTATTACKTHISCREATURE to protect. if you return true, you would be sending RETURNVALUE_NOTPOSSIBLE since in lua, true is 1 and false is 0 This method no longer uses booleans so it is an error to...
  7. Sarah Wesker

    Help with Imbuements

    We don't have support for handling Packets from lua yet, so it's not possible. However, you can do something similar with modal or npc windows, levers, whatever you have in your imagination.
  8. Sarah Wesker

    [TFS 1.5] Rewards by online time (๐’ช๐“ƒ๐“๐’พ๐“ƒ๐‘’ ๐’ซ๐‘œ๐’พ๐“ƒ๐“‰๐“ˆ ๐’ฎ๐“Ž๐“ˆ๐“‰๐‘’๐“‚)

    merge this PR in your sources: A new way to manage player storages by MillhioreBT ยท Pull Request #3956 ยท otland/forgottenserver (https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/pull/3956)
  9. Sarah Wesker

    [OTX 2.5] Problem in the source file on line 129 with error could someone help me?

    7. Foreign language: This is an English community, and you are expected to speak English on the boards. If you wish to communicate with another user in another language, you can do so through visitor, private messages or at the native chatboards. Tip, please explain better what you were doing...
  10. Sarah Wesker

    TFS 1.X+ Players recieve double damage from other players

    Ok I know the OP doesn't want a solution for this anymore, but I came to a conclusion about this problem. there is a creaturescript onHealthChange that is modifying the secondaryType this was confirmed by the prints that @Roddet suggested. if the type of damage is wrong, then the color will be...
  11. Sarah Wesker

    TFS 1.X+ Players recieve double damage from other players

    ok if you have a bug in game.cpp it can be easily resolved by moving that to combat.cpp, now if you can show us the combat.cpp file to check something else please.
  12. Sarah Wesker

    TFS 1.X+ Players recieve double damage from other players

    It is possible that this is being repeated twice, since when the onHealthChange events are executed, it calls the same function again but without origin
  13. Sarah Wesker

    TFS 1.X+ Players recieve double damage from other players

    in case it's something from the sources it's probably in the Game::combatChangeHealth function in game.cpp if you leave a link to that file in your repository we can review it.
  14. Sarah Wesker

    TFS 1.X+ Trying to block player from putting a bag in a backpack or bag in a bag TFS 1.4.2

    If the script is executed until these two return false the object should not move. I tried it on my test server and it works perfectly. In case neither return works, make sure you have the onMoveItem event enabled in the events.xml file. If it still doesn't work... then I'd be hard pressed to...
  15. Sarah Wesker

    TFS 1.X+ Trying to block player from putting a bag in a backpack or bag in a bag TFS 1.4.2

    data/scripts/script.lua local ec = EventCallback function ec.onMoveItem(player, item, count, fromPosition, toPosition, fromCylinder, toCylinder) if toPosition.x ~= CONTAINER_POSITION or not item:getType():isContainer() then return RETURNVALUE_NOERROR end if toCylinder ==...
  16. Sarah Wesker

    [TFS 1.x] combat:setCallbackFunction(event, function)

    I guess it's still kept that way for backwards compatibility, because you can actually change it to directly accept functions instead of a global search by name and fetch the function and then remove it from Lua. There is no ownership, in fact with revscripts you can reuse global and local...
  17. Sarah Wesker

    [ANY TFS] Catch scripts that freeze server

    The script must be in use, some scripts execute things when they are loaded and others when they are used, in any case it will help you to detect. It's worth mentioning that this is a debugging trick, I hope you're not considering leaving this code forever on your production server.
  18. Sarah Wesker

    TradeTimes System TFS 1.3 ( 12x +)

    I know. Your solution is this: TradeTimes System TFS 1.3 ( 12x +) (https://otland.net/threads/tradetimes-system-tfs-1-3-12x.283448/#post-2712834) Just make sure to enable the events: data/events/events.xml <event class="Player" method="onLook" enabled="1" /> <event class="Player"...
  19. Sarah Wesker

    TradeTimes System TFS 1.3 ( 12x +)

    Hi friends of Canary, I have opened a PR in the Canary repository, if it is merged I will take care of adding all the necessary events so that all my Revscripts start working, it is up to you to support the PR. I don't use that engine, so this is your fight. It's basically a PR to add...
  20. Sarah Wesker

    CreatureEvent [TFS 1.x] Simple death broadcast channel

    I think you're right the table is not linear, I'll fix it in a second. If the table were ordered it would work perfect. Ready. Thanks for reporting it, I don't usually try the codes and I'm wrong. <3 Lua is kind of crazy and doesn't order things as one declares them, but does it arbitrarily...