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    [France] [8.6] AcidsOT

    I love this system, but need work on map, very simple.
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    [France] [Custom /10.98] | OFFICIAL Start | VisionOT Online - 24th September 19:00 CET | RPG Style

    Great Server! I have played last ERA was awesome!!!
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    [Canada] [8.60] DeathZot | 99% Custom Map | 22 Vocations | Over 200 New Items | Prestige | Dungeons

    @Xagul @Synthetic_ Start new Era V or Open the XDC-Project, please!
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    [France] | Custom-8.6: Lunaria World | Custom Map | 12 Vocs | RPGPVP

    I download the custom client. Connection failed. :(
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    Beto's Mapping Thread

    Nice place, but doesnt remember a dragon place, should be Swamp Trolls/Beholder...
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    Andy's Mapping Thread

    100% auto border? :) Not bad bro.