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  1. FuzzyZanen

    [Poland][10.98][OTC] Evorius [Long-Term] 10.09.2022 18:00

    I do not recommend this server and administrator Admin usually takes the server discussions as a criticism and then gives a mut for 24h and removes messages from the discord chat this server is one big drama
  2. FuzzyZanen

    [France] [7.4 / Custom] Realesta - Relapse [Sep 16th, Friday at 18:00 CET] Hight-rate | Many Quests | Smooth Client!

    "-Frags to Red Skull: 3" I can already see that it is a strictly pve server What is the satisfaction of playing in tibie where only what you do is exp..
  3. FuzzyZanen

    [10.98] Fuzzy ~mapping showoff~

    everything is fine with the monks xD fact, the more I thought about the map, the better I would refine it :p the houses could actually have an extra floor above, I hadn't thought of that. maybe it's because I like minimalism and when everything is even and looks nice :)
  4. FuzzyZanen

    [10.98] Fuzzy ~mapping showoff~

    There was a sneak peak at creating my own ots, here is the result of working from my map idea
  5. FuzzyZanen

    [USA][8.60] MarlboroWars - April 1st 15:00 GMT-6

    "Server is hosted on New York" so I'll probably have around 200 ping but it's hard, maybe it will be playable so I'll go in and see
  6. FuzzyZanen

    [POLAND] [8.60] Hellots.eu - REAL MAP + Custom START 22-7-2022 at 20:00

    Pewnie szybko upadnie jak każdy ots tego typu.. Kills to red skull 10 White skull duration 10 minutes do tego pewnie kończące się runy i poty bo to RL MAPa Nie wiem po co ludzie robią ciągle takie same otsy jakby nie było można trochę się napracować i zrobić coś unikatowego, tak jaką ma...
  7. FuzzyZanen

    [USA][7.X~] TibiaScape - New Server (17th of June) -Long Term Retro Tibia Experience-

    I don't know why stick to the old aspect of Tibia which is not stacking runes and potions, it's not cool at all.. :/
  8. FuzzyZanen


    Will you add a video showing the spells of each character or don't you want to reveal it?
  9. FuzzyZanen

    [EUROPE][8.60] Triasot - Saturday 16:00 CET [Custom Evolution Map]

    Kills to red skull: 4 I guess it's a pve server xD
  10. FuzzyZanen

    [CANADA][Custom/OTC] BlackTalon Online - Official Launch July 23rd, 7 PM GMT+2

    Very good server, I just started playing on it with a friend. You can see immediately that the server is for players and that is respected
  11. FuzzyZanen

    [GERMANY][Custom/10.98] VisionOT | Unique Systems | Best Custom Server | 11 MARCH FRIDAY 19:00 CET

    I do not recommend it, the server is based on afk pve and the administration will ban you for saying it as it is. If you would like to chase the top, it is impossible without pacc because they can go on expes that do not require passing level gates
  12. FuzzyZanen

    [USA] [CUSTOM] Swordart - SAO Game Fantasy

    Currently 10 people online on 544 created characters This server is an extinct species xD
  13. FuzzyZanen

    Kolejny... uwierzysz? XD

    Moim zdaniem nie warto już robić serwerów pod tibie 7+ Najlepiej się gra od 8.60 do 10.98 i tylko evo Bawienie się w serwery RPG z tego co widzę to już się nie sprawdzają Teraz są takie czasy że nikomu nie chce się biegać i szukać expów itp. zwłaszcza że to ots który może paść w każdej chwili
  14. FuzzyZanen

    Polski Role Play OTS

    Pomysł może wydawać się szalony bo RolePlay głównie widzi się w GTA Jak dla mnie koncept jest fajny i możliwe że grało by się fajnie. Myślę że trzeba było by to dobrze zbalansować żeby gracze nie mieli w głowie tylko jednego przez wgląd na to że wciąż jest to Tibia i ciągło ich jedynie do...
  15. FuzzyZanen

    [8.6] Small dice event room

    This is how dice events work on ots servers. Apart from guessing the number and winning the prize, sometimes they do it H/L H - from 4 to 6 L - from 1 to 3
  16. FuzzyZanen

    [8.6] Small dice event room

    Hello. In my free time, when I was bored, I created a small room for the dice event. It could have been better but it turned out pretty cool anyway so I'll share it with you. Maybe it will be useful to someone. Have fun ;)
  17. FuzzyZanen

    OpenTibia [RME 3.x] RME Modification 3

    Great, now it will be much more fun to work :)
  18. FuzzyZanen

    [VIDEOTUTORIAL] Learning how to compile TFS 1.5 on Windows (8.60 downgraded by Nekiro)

    Thanks, everything works fine, but there is one problem. After granting god permissions, commands such as /i /m /s .. It shows no error anywhere, so I don't know what's going on EDIT: Never mind, I forgot to set typeID to 6 😂
  19. FuzzyZanen

    The Forgotten Server 1.4

    Why can't I use commands like /i /m /s