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  1. metiu11

    TFS 0.X TFS 0.3.6 you advanced to

    Heyo, I have a problem with the name change "magic level", I changed the name in tools.cpp, but it does not help, other skills have changed, only the magic level remains the same.
  2. metiu11

    Lua Item which give skill rate crash server

    TFS 0.3.6 Hello, i found this script which give skill rate to player. The problem is when player get this item from chest if he have free necklace slot, it will be placed there. Then if player want to take off amulet server crashed... can someone help us? :) --Credits to MadMook and Limos for...
  3. metiu11

    Lua War system

    Hello, i have script like this, and its works but when i add this script to the server all outfits are changed... I have 20+ proffesions on server so all of them have unique outfits and this script reset all outfits to "basic", do u have idea how to repair it? <?xml version="1.0"...
  4. metiu11

    Anti-mc - freeze server

    Heyo again :D TFS 0.3.6 I found script like this - anti MC It works but this script kicked player when he log MC and freeze server like 1-2 sec. Do you have an idea how to block login and send information to the player in the client when choosing a character? I am pretty sure to just change...
  5. metiu11

    TFS 0.X Place that blocks MC

    Hello, I have a script that gives all players rewards for hitting a boss. This boss spawn now 2 times a day. The problem is when people shoot 1 time this boss, then log in few MC accounts and do the same. I dont wanna blocked MC in my server i just wanna create some place when they cannot be...
  6. metiu11

    Lua Add script to creaturescripts TFS 0.3.6

    Hello, i found script which give a loot everyone players who shoot boss. But i dont know how to add it in creaturescript.xml I was add this: <event type="kill" name="kill" event="script" value="boss reward.lua"/> but its not worked... which event type is it? local config = { ["Bandit"] = {...
  7. metiu11

    Potion message

    Hello, Today i was create some potions and when i just hold F1 (hotkey object potion) i have spam in server log "Using one of 100 great potions...". I have exhaust on potion 2 sec. During 2sec i have like 10 or more text about using one of ... great potions. I fear if more players use it then...
  8. metiu11

    Magic Level bug tfs 0.3.6

    Hello, I was create some new vocations and spells. When i used spell my magic level got 10% to next lvl and waste 250mana So i was test it and when i used spells in 1mlvl or 50mlvl or 100mlvl etc. he give me 10% every time.... I dont know how to repair it to give lvl like 1mlvl - 10% 2mlvl - 9%...
  9. metiu11

    TFS 0.3.6 Spell transform

    Heyo, I found script, which add effect on player but i want to change lookType, so i edit it like this: local tempo = 60 -- tempo em segundos. local ml = 35 -- quantos ira aumentar o skill de ML local skillfist = 35 -- quantos ira aumentar o skill de Fist local skillsword = 35 -- quantos ira...
  10. metiu11

    C++ Fast attack bug & skills

    Hello guys. I did fast attack skills in my server and I have a bug. When I use distance weapon to attack and potions to heal, my character stop shooting and then again start shooting. There are breaks in hitting like 1 second when i use potions. How can i repair it?? The second problem it is...
  11. metiu11

    Lua Spell Effect

    Hello, I wanna add new effect spell. So i add it in Object Builder - effects Imgur: The magic of the Internet So this number its 70. This is my spell code: local combat = createCombatObject() setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE, COMBAT_PHYSICALDAMAGE) setCombatFormula(combat...
  12. metiu11

    C++ Fast Attack

    Hello guys, I want to create fast attack skill in my server. So i was used this: uint32_t Player::getAttackSpeed() { uint32_t attackSpeed = vocation->getAttackSpeed(); uint32_t skilll = getSkill(SKILL_AXE, SKILL_LEVEL); Item* weapon = getWeapon(); if(skilll >...
  13. metiu11

    Problem with new outfits/vocation

    Hello again. I have a problem with outfits. I was add a lot of new outfits to my server and then i saw this: Imgur: The magic of the Internet It was like player (my new outfit?) its not a body, it is something like normal object? I can enter to other players I dont know, please guys tell me...
  14. metiu11

    Lua Transform giving HP?

    Heyo, i got the problem with script function onCastSpell(cid, var) if getPlayerVocation(cid) == 1 then if getPlayerLevel(cid) >= 30 then if exhaustion.get(cid,61260) == false then doPlayerSetVocation(cid,2) doCreatureChangeOutfit(cid, {lookType=4})...
  15. metiu11

    Account Maker - Add new vocation

    Hello guys. I have a problem with my Acc maker. Its Gesior 0.3.6 tibia 8.54, but nvm. I want to create a new vocation but it will be 5 vocation... So i dont know how to add it. I tried to change something in accountmanagement.php but it doesnt work. When i add in my config.php 5 vocation like...