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    Linux IP Changer that supports 8.6 & works under WINE

    As the title says, I'm searching for an IP changer that supports the 8.6 client and works under wine. Before saying "search" and then pasting me some BS, I'll tell you that I've been searching for about an hour now with no luck. Asprate's IP changer and otloader fail to install under wine...
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    @ Current Players

    You're all bad
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    ya dun goofd

    00:01 Acerockola [975]: i already contacted my isp they are looking into it when they find the person which shouldnt be hard considering they have there own department that does this then i will be prosucating who ever it was 00:06 Acerockola [975]: no more like i take u to court and i sue u...
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    ManuelL.. is retarded?

    Is manuelL retarded? ... all his forum posts makes me think he is a super DERP.. like HERP DERP.. down syndrome?
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    We give up, you win.

    I'm done. Congrats!
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    @ All Enemies

    Why are you always in the fucking PZ? You outnumber us 100% of the time... Charlovers ?
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    Bug Abuse (Fix it please!)

    YouTube - Cyntara - Bug Abuse Just uploaded, video quality will improve soon but you can make out the names as it is [especially when it zooms in]
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    Mwall Script

    Erik needs one EDIT: Please contribute guys! These guys could really use that boost.
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    @GM Poole- whoever edited it earlier is cool

    I suppose this is enough evidence to counter the lack of evidence you have in support of banning me
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    @Elite Plate

    Thanks for the set, brah.
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    Elemental Bomb [No Damage]

    Proposing a rune like fire bomb that does no damage (so you can't frag noob chars) but could work for trapping like fire/poison bomb does. Pretty simple proposal, could be donor or non doesn't really matter.
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    Vent Recording for Laughs

    roflbattle vrf I missed the most hilarious parts, mostly people screaming. [This is not how we normally fight, they were just having some fun against easy enemies]
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    Selling: Full Pally Donor Set

    EDIT Nvm no longer in need of cash.
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    Concerning Exarion

    FULL STORY HERE! READ ALL ABOUT IT! A banishment for account sharing is justified if you'll follow your precedent. SPOILERS BELOW THIS POINT Events of last night: Shimmie comes in Ventrilo and opens a private chat with me saying that he thinks he still has Exarion's info from when...
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    Donor outfits

    Barbarian, elf, dwarf, and frog are some of the ones I can think of I think you should have those outfits for people with VIP :P
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    For my enemies Believe it or not it does have a few Tibian applications that you idiots could actually use.
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    Remove those that is all
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    Monster Tasks

    I propose we add monster tasks like the ones Grizzly Adams hands out on real Tibia to Cyntara. Tasks could be for killing monsters more difficult than nightmares and give a large EXP bonus once the task is complete. E.g., kill 1000 malice demons, kill 500 serpent spawns, kill 1000 demon...
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    Giant Custom House with Free Custom NM Spawn

    Hi there! I'd like a giant custom house with a donor NM spawn, for free. I'd like it to be a giant castle-like structure including a dining hall. Also I want a moat and a bridge to get in. Simple enough. Thanks,