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  1. Thyrelia

    Solved [VPS] Configure Server

    It seems like you have bought a VPS where you must have your own domain name. Thus, you need a domain name and information about which nameservers that domain uses. If you do not have your own domain controller, you must use the nameservers of the company where you purchased your domain name...
  2. Thyrelia

    Vilka är aktiva på otland?

    Haha Armonia Fast Attack! Det var tider det.😆
  3. Thyrelia

    Vilka är aktiva på otland?

    Ja tanken är ju det men det går inte snabbt när man köra solo work xD
  4. Thyrelia

    Vilka är aktiva på otland?

    Bland annat ja! :) okej ja här finns mycket att läsa om man vill det! :P
  5. Thyrelia

    Vilka är aktiva på otland?

    Utvecklar mina projekt lite. Själv då? :)
  6. Thyrelia

    Vilka är aktiva på otland?

    Man kommer in med jämna mellanrum och tittar vad som sker.
  7. Thyrelia

    [Znote AAC] fibula74 layout

    Here you go.
  8. Thyrelia

    OTClient Custom Client, add items

    Hello, You will need to use a program called Object Builder. This allows you to modify the SPR file that are in Tibia so that you can add custom sprites. But I don't think there is a version that supports 10.100. Then you must also have a program that allows you to add new items to your servers...
  9. Thyrelia

    Nostalrius vs OtHire?

    If there is interest in testing Nostalrius files then I have a compiled live server that has not been changed. If there is interest in testing different things then write a private message and I will give you more information.
  10. Thyrelia

    Nostalrius 7.7

    Logging in and start reading some of the parchments and books was a pure pleasure. Thank you Ezzz for this opportunity.
  11. Thyrelia

    Shirako ~Mapping Thread~

    You must have been created by God Himself. Pure talent!
  12. Thyrelia

    Check Server Configuration

    Try to change this information first and try again.
  13. Thyrelia

    Shirako ~Mapping Thread~

    Speechless:eek: #Fanboy
  14. Thyrelia

    IP.BOARD 4 Installation Problem

    Write a private message to me with your Discord details and I'll see if I can guide you.
  15. Thyrelia

    IP.BOARD 4 Installation Problem

    Hello! Dont know if you searched on google. But heres what I found. Click on me scroll down to Edit Basic and Modules. Then see if that could help you. Maybe you need to download OpenSSL PHP extension separately and install it. Sincerly, Thyrelia.
  16. Thyrelia

    Suggestion Lines inside code box

    I like this proposal. :)
  17. Thyrelia

    Scripter TFS 0.4 to 1.3 Scripting Services

    Very nice person who does exactly what you want him to do. Helpful in explaining what he has done and how you can configure it yourself for your own liking. I recommend this person and will use his service again in the future.
  18. Thyrelia

    TFS 1.X+ Tfs 1.3 linux commands

    Hello! There is a great thread with some auto restarter commands for your reading. DIY Auto Restarter Linux Sincerly, Kalle.
  19. Thyrelia

    New Pc Old Monitor - Problem

    There is often a function that allows you to choose between them different modes on your screen such as HDMI / DVI / VGA. Just like on a TV where you can choose between which different HDMI sockets you should watch on. Test and see so it is not set to anything else and browse between your...
  20. Thyrelia

    OTClient Encryption.. Possible?

    I'll be checking it out thank you Night Wolf for your suggestion!