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  1. Xeikh

    nicawacc error

    well all its working fine but when i create a new acc character, guild... the page send me this error Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'DatabaseQueryException' Message: Error #1048:Column 'ip' cannot be null SQL query: INSERT INTO `nicaw_account_logs` (id, ip, account_id, date, action)...
  2. Xeikh

    OT Server... Which version could you play?

    Hello i'm looking for the opinion of this community... If you'd play an OT Server... which version do you like to?... :D Please post your choice!
  3. Xeikh

    Selling Website Designs (Photoshop)

  4. Xeikh

    PotatoSkin's Newbie Mapping

    Yeah, many of them... But what's they function or what?
  5. Xeikh

    How popular are you?

  6. Xeikh

    How popular are you?

    0/10 O.o
  7. Xeikh

    Need crazy header ;o

    Seriusly dude, learn to write my name.
  8. Xeikh

    X vocation can't attack y vocation.

    With basic knowledge of LUA u can do it... Theres the function.
  9. Xeikh

    Elfbot firewalker refiller

    Does that even exist?
  10. Xeikh

    [League of Legends] General Discussion

    Nidalee ♥
  11. Xeikh

    Recolector de Sprites [ON]

    hahahaha... Tu ignora a ese wey x) Se ve que sus padres lo maltratan y nadie lo quiere, solo se proyecta ^^
  12. Xeikh

    Count to 10!

    3! :d
  13. Xeikh

    NPC Add Position for boat

    Sample: gengia, XXXX,YYYY,Z,$$;
  14. Xeikh

    Selling [PHP] Outfiter

    Free Bump!
  15. Xeikh


    Thanks ^^
  16. Xeikh


    pm7b, take a look on my graphic design thread (signature)... I uploaded a imagen where i removed text from the banner u asked, is ok that image to work on?
  17. Xeikh

    Recolector de Sprites [ON]

    No estimado :D Aqui nadie se enoja, solo busco divertirme un rato ñ_ñ
  18. Xeikh

    Count to 10!