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  1. vicki24

    [FRANCE][Fibula74] RealMap PvP-Enforced High RATE - Jan 18th 18.00 CET (Real Cash Events)

    Connection Port:7171 (Client Coming Soon) Rates 1 to level 20 Level: 30x 21 to level 40 Level: 20x 41 to level 60 Level: 15x 61 to level 70 Level: 10x 71 to level 80 Level: 5x 81 to level 100 Level: 3x 101+ 2x Skills:6x Magic:3x Loot:4x PvP Enforced with Skulls SPELLS =...
  2. vicki24

    7.4 Runes Bugged Pay for help

    When i create hmm for example i get 10x but when i use it its dispear instant but says 10x i pay for help!
  3. vicki24

    Custom Client for 7.4 !

    Searching for someone to create me a 7.4 custom client !
  4. vicki24

    Znote acc Problem Please Help __

    Hello i got a question how do i make so when ppl create a character they dont choice city/vocation. i want so they instant come to rook after create a character thanks for help __
  5. vicki24

    Creatures/Players Can Push items on walls 7.4

  6. vicki24

    Searching for 7.4 Custm Client!

    Searching for 7.4 Custm Client! im paying your work.
  7. vicki24

    Searching for 7.6 Custom Client!

    Searching for 7.6 Custom Client!
  8. vicki24

    Tibia Client 7.7 Custom

    Hello im searching for someone that can create me a custom client.
  9. vicki24

    Znote !shop command doesn't work.

    i have a problem I've been trying to fix for 4 hours straight now, I've come so far that when I write !shop it says in red text "You have no orders", although I have already ordered many donate items. I use tfs 0.4 and here is the code: -- Znote Shop v1.0 for Znote AAC on TFS 0.3.6+ Crying...
  10. vicki24

    Don't receive points tfs 0.4 PAY 5 Euro

    I Dont get Points when i add from mysql or ingame . i use tfs 0.4 znote acc! im paying 5 euro for help >D
  11. vicki24

    mysql problem please help

    mysql_real_query update players set cast=0 castwivers =0 up
  12. vicki24

    [Netherlands] Moltera | 8.6 | 7171 | CUSTOM-EVO | STARTS: 03.03.2017 | HIGHEXP | 18.00 CET

    ~~~Start 3 March 18.00 CET~~~ Website: Moltera.Online Moltera Online was originally created by Kostas aka GM Abiat who hosted the server for over 2 years with 500+ active players. Unfortunately he decided to shut down the server back in 2009. After that there have been multiple different...
  13. vicki24

    Looking for Someone to make Custom Client#

    Hello Searching for someone to make a custom client for me, Protocol 7.4 /7.72 Im Using Tfs 0.1 the version is based on the otx Version I aldrey tried to look on the tutorials. Regards Vicky