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    E-Sim New World

    Hello every body ! I want show you interesting game! E-sim is mmo social strategy game. You can train, work, fight, You can be in gevorment and be a President of your Country. Come on and play with me! If have some question just ask me:) link:
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    [Polish]7.6 Thora RPG custom map

    Thora Oldschool Welcome to Thora Oldschool. We invite you to have fun and participate in the friendly atmosphere of the new server that is THORA, you can not miss it. Have fun! Server started May 1, 2015 Website - Create Account -...
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    Stable engine 7.6

    Hi anybody have stable engine to 7.6 tibia?
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    Think about It!!

    Hello I look for some good ots rpg tibia 7.1-7.72 I can see the here aren't any. I mean rpg that it is low rate exp like 2x or 3x. What do you think about serwer low rate with tibia 7.1-7.72? Anybody would like to play?
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    Windows ots 7.4 problem MYSQL Error: access denied for user.

    I have problem like this;/ plx help me