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    auda's Mapping

    Oh, I have to look into that... Thanks for the input! I'll make sure to check out that Discord server. 1645714650 Today I finished the temple + some hunting spots for newcomers to prepare themselves! Thanks for watching the stream. Sorry if the quality isn't crisp. I know I have the right zoom...
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    auda's Mapping

    I am working on an 8.0 RPG map live on Twitch:
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    The white city

    That city looks really majestic! However, two things that I'd change is probably to stop using those large cracks. However, I do not think they fit that well. Also, you could improve the decorative feel by having a lot more small stones here and there. It looks way too clean on the ground for my...
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    [Sweden] [Custom] - Therran

    YES! Edit: I completely misread the launch date as 26th of February (this week) of 2022... I am very sad now lol.
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    auda's Mapping

    I downloaded RME a few days ago and felt like doing some 8.0 mapping. Nothing out of the ordinary, but I just love to map hunting spots.
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    [France][7.1] Tibiana is back! - 7 May 16:00 CEST

    That's some lovely sprites right there. I tried BK myself a few days ago but wasn't as lucky lol
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    Vingeance's Show Off

    Was a long time ago I last saw a Guild Master... brings back many memories! Nice, clean and not over-detailed map. Good work.
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    [France][Custom / 8.0] Askara RPG | ELOTH TEAM | 8 SEPTEMBER 18:00

    Cool to see pieces from my old map on this one! Good luck.
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    daadyboy5 mapping thread (LOW RATE RPG)

    Just the right amount of detail per area. Everything looks great. I especially like the floor-combinations you have on picture 8 and 6.
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    [France][7.1] Tibiana is back! - 7 May 16:00 CEST

    Currently playing this and I'm having a really good time. I'm in love with the old sprites.
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    auda's Mapping

    Smuggler's Cove
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    auda's Mapping

    I agree. Thank you!
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    auda's Mapping

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    auda's Mapping

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    auda's Mapping

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    CIPsoft and otland maps

    Couldn't have said it any better.
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    My Mapping Thread

    You should check out this thread! You can get better image quality by following it. [Guide] How to take Ingame images properly (https://otland.net/threads/guide-how-to-take-ingame-images-properly.104784/)
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    A new war model for Tibia

    Haven't read the entire thread but I already know this is fucking crazy! Too good!
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    My Mapping Thread

    The smoke over the campfire was a nice touch. The second picture is pretty good except that I don't like the wooden floor and metal fittings there. Keep it up.
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    Newislands Server

    I like the overall feel. However you need to add more details such as small stones on the road, trees and general nature on the snow etc. Also those pillars on the 2nd-4th images holding up the bridges is either too small or you need to put out a few more. I think you can find pillars that fit...