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    Tibia Server 6.4

    https://fossil.servegame.com/ https://otland.net/threads/fossil-4-0-development-thread.280484/ the server is still in early development, but its currently up and running :)
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    Fossil | 4.0 | Development Thread

    i will defintely play! good work dude
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    Demon Hell PRE 7.0

    are you trying to recreate a 6.0 server? if so me and alot of others i know would join :)
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    OriginalTibia - comeback!

    whatsup with this server? it seems very nice but 0 players online still after such a long time :(
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    7.92 - 8.1 server

    is there any big trusted OT communities out here that has any plans to create a serious lowrate 7.92 - 8.1 server?
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    Tibia Server 6.4

    i would def play! any idea when u will finnish it perhaps?
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    Tibia 5.0 - 6.0

    is it possible that anybody could create an otserver with these clients? or would it be too hard
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    [7.1] Real Tibia Map as close as possible

    are you still around? I would love to see the old tibia.de forums. did you talk to the owners about, what happened?
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    Tibiantis - reversed old Tibia project - discussion thread

    when is this server coming out i cant waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait xD
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    Medivia - discussion and announcement of a new world Unity

    what do you mean bro? just check Pendulum its the most populated server on medivia right now :)
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    Medivia - discussion and announcement of a new world Unity

    Cant you make a poll about Unity? I feel like more players would start if there were pendulum stages :(
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    Tibiantis - reversed old Tibia project - discussion thread

    I love this server! can you atleast promise us that it has good DDOS protection? cuz people like to ping newly created servers these days so they can clone items etc and because of that people quit instantly and server dies
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    [Sweden] [7.4] Retrotibia - Launch 6 September 18.00 [EU]

    LOOKS REALLY NICE!!! The only thing that u should do is to remove warmode option cuz this really takes away the 7.4 nostalgic war feeling :/
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    is it just me or do you get huge exhaust when trying heal after u shoot runes? its like 1-2 seconds exhaust its crazy. could it be because im from europe and have more fps or what?
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    i have a question regarding the exp rates. on the website, the exp stages are alot higher here than on the previous EU version, but when u download the new client it says that the exp stages has been reduced for a longer lastign server. so im just wonding what is the correct exp stages?
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    Close this thread

    224 players online ;) what are the flamers gonna say now? 160 of them are all makers? hahahah give me a break ;] LETS GO!
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    Close this thread

    well it was 650 players in the beginning 2 years ago cuz both bubba and punio was streaming it when the server was just starting, later when they stopped streaming the population went down instantly but that was because people was playing medivia already at this point and they all had their...
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    Close this thread

    If anybody has been playing Medivia and quitted after their bad update, then this server is a must play!! very good 7.4 rl map server that comes closest to the old school feeling with low exp rates! the population is also growing alot more now and faster :) start there!