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  1. Salvus

    OTClient V8 Casino script

    Can someone add so the bot write PM to all in the screen everytime the char see a new player?
  2. Salvus

    [8.6] - Evolera - TFS 1.3

    i think i have change it to % Perfect to answer u after 6 months xD
  3. Salvus

    [8.6] - Evolera - TFS 1.3

    I have it in 10.98 too but gave it to Klonera. If he wants me to share it with you, you can check with him if it's okey.
  4. Salvus

    The Forgotten Server 1.4

    Great work everyone!
  5. Salvus

    [8.6] - Evolera - TFS 1.3

    You should try to make something with it, you are a good scripter i think you can get it to work.
  6. Salvus

    [8.6] - Evolera - TFS 1.3

    @Felipe93 Here you have temple & bridge spawn, it's war ot. Here you have a old video you can watch
  7. Salvus

    [8.6] - Evolera - TFS 1.3

    There are no players because there is no good evolera server. Build a good evolera server, and don't have staff that are corrupt. Or rather don't manage the server as Maydel does. then you will get a lot of players.
  8. Salvus

    [8.6] - Evolera - TFS 1.3

    Unfortunately, it did not turn out as I had hoped. Many have asked when I should start the server. Since I could not start it, we hope that someone else can do it. Thank you and good luck with you, give it a try with the server.
  9. Salvus

    [8.6] - Evolera - TFS 1.3

    Tried to fix an Evolera server. Because I missed the old otn that was by GOD Willes, it was perfect. but after a while I lost my desire and could not keep up with it. I share this Evolera server so you might be able to get something nice out of it. There is a lot left to do but also a lot is...
  10. Salvus

    Add Cobra Wand for my server

    I think Cobra Wand is a summer update 2019 and the items.otb is 3 years Ole, maybe thats why u can’t find it. I think you will need to use objectbuilder to do it self.
  11. Salvus

    Create a custom magic wall rune that can only be used in an area

    Maybe that can make the op change to TFS 1.3. Only way to move forward with tfs 1.3 or even 2.0
  12. Salvus

    Create a custom magic wall rune that can only be used in an area

    @Znote he tries to say that when he stands on the bridge you should be able to use rune otherwise you should not be able to use it. And you can only use the rune where the stone is so instead of 1 magic wall to be done as usual, the rune should shoot 3 magic wall at the same time. If you will...
  13. Salvus

    Salvus Mapping | Newbie

    Just wanted to share something, because I disappear for 1 week on vacation. But the town will be fine, want to see tips & tricks that you usually give me, you are the best. Will read and write a little here on otland from the mobile I know it’s alot autoborder bec i want to make the basic on the...
  14. Salvus

    Salvus Mapping | Newbie

    @Andréew Have a finished city soon, but it's not a dark city. Did not manage to make it to a dark city. Begins to be something nice, comes with some ingame pic soon. @Itutorial As usual, you come up with completely sick tips. Thank you as a fan and thank you to everyone else who has helped...
  15. Salvus

    Highscore script bug? (TFS 1.3)

    i have same problem as Lucifer Only red/black disappear, How can i fix that, source edit maybe?
  16. Salvus

    [France] [10.00] Gunzodus | Netherworld | 12.40+ | Summer Update 2020 | Soul War Quest | Claustrophobic Inferno | RL with latest updates!

    You may be able to make the map does not disappear every time you log out from the 10.00 client?
  17. Salvus

    [OtLand Official Mapping Competition] - September Voting Thread

    The first and the second, damn! Number four fits the theme the most but feels like it doesn't happen that much. All contributions looked nice. I'm lucky to have a few days to vote because I don't know which one to vote for.
  18. Salvus

    Shirako ~Mapping Thread~

    I miss all tinypic images.. :( This image is no longer available...
  19. Salvus

    Looking for someone who can map a city (11.00 client)

    I'm in the process of a custom map. I want to share it with otland members. But since I am a new mapper I have a hard time mapping a city. So I want to pay someone who can do it for me. I require new sprites to be used (11.00) And that should be a dark city You can base it on the temples / dp...
  20. Salvus

    Linux Login with Client 12 crash the server

    Try to create a new db and reinstall the aac, and import the schema on the new db