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    C++ Player Death

    Hello good afternoon, does anyone have an idea how it works for client 13 that when you die when you hit "ok" it will take you to the list of characters What's going on? When dying and giving "ok" the player enters again but the console does not detect that the player enters...
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    TFS 1.X+ OTBr Tfs 1.3 Error Use Stamina

    Hello, good evening, these errors are appearing on my console, does anyone have any idea what is happening? i used otbr tfs 1.3 player.lua I can't upload the code here because it exceeds the letter limit
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    RevScripts Quest For IP

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    RevScripts Quest For IP

    Hello, someone will have a quest script that gives non-transferable tibia coins and that is only by IP and player can't be used with mcs either i used tfs 1.3
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    TFS 1.X+ IP no kick

    neither bro, thanks
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    TFS 1.X+ IP no kick

    everything is like this
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    TFS 1.X+ IP no kick

    I have it like this and it never kicks it
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    TFS 1.X+ IP no kick

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    TFS 1.X+ IP no kick

    Has anyone experienced this? A normal person can be kicked, but when he closes by exit it is no longer possible to kick him with /kick or /r, when server save or /shutdown is done it remains like this in the console and it is not done or continues advancing check video i used otbr tfs 1.3
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    Market System Cloning items

    Is there a solution for this? The same thing happened on my server, only they don't clone tc's, only money and items. They don't even clone them. They make them appear, I started my server yesterday at 4:00 pm and at 4:20 they already had soul war items and many more things here I leave a photo...
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    RevScripts throw items delay

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    RevScripts throw items delay

    error script.lua local delayedItems = {2148, 2152, 2160, 3976} local delay = 1000 -- milliseconds local creatures = {} local delayMovingItemsToSameTile = EventCallback delayMovingItemsToSameTile.onMoveItem = function(self, item, count, fromPosition, toPosition, fromCylinder, toCylinder)...
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    RevScripts throw items delay

    I have this error Lua Script Error: [Scripts Interface] /home/forgottenserver/data/scripts/antipush.lua /home/forgottenserver/data/scripts/antipush.lua:21: attempt to index local 'delayMovingItemsToSameTile' (a nil value) stack traceback: [C]: in function '__newindex'...
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    RevScripts throw items delay

    Hello, good night, someone will have a method to delay the following items by throwing them on the floor. 2148 (Gold Coin) 2152 (Platinum Coin) 2160 (Crystal Coin) 3976 (Worms) In a nutshell, for put a delay on the anti push i used otbr tfs 1.3
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    Lua !Target talkaction

    hello, this can work that you can only say the command when the target is attacked? If the command is executed without any target, this error appears Lua Script Error: [Scripts Interface] /home/forgottenserver/data/scripts/talkactions/player/target.lua:callback...
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    RevScripts [OTBR] Help talkaction !target

    Can it work that you can only say the command when the target is attacked? If the command is executed without any target, this error appears Lua Script Error: [Scripts Interface] /home/forgottenserver/data/scripts/talkactions/player/target.lua:callback...
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    Lua Creaturescripts affects player

    Hello good evening, I have this script that is causing me problems in the otbr tfs 1.3 canary version The function of the script is for the monster that when hitting them with the determined element in this case energy, heals the monster. But it is also affecting the player's, when hitting a...
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    Lua Npc Revscriptsys

    Hello, I need to pass this npc to revscript, is it possible? i use canary tfs 1.3 local keywordHandler = KeywordHandler:new() local npcHandler = NpcHandler:new(keywordHandler) NpcSystem.parseParameters(npcHandler) function onCreatureAppear(cid) npcHandler:onCreatureAppear(cid)...
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    TFS 1.X+ Error Transferring

    Hello, good evening, does anyone have any idea about this error? This is the error in the error.log of /var/log/apache2/ PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function rowCount() on bool in /var/www/html/pages/ws_login.php:139\nStack trace:\n#0...
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    RevScripts Ban Words revsc

    Good evening, will someone have a revscript to ban words on the server? For example watch ads, profanity and racism i used otbr tfs 1.3