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    Roulette System

    You mean in the data? If yes, then i did - cause when i try to /m "forgot his name" - appears a sand pillar with the name suggested. To be honest, I did not get how the monster is assembled to the system. Do I have to put it nearby the workbench/floor or what?
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    Roulette System

    I added everything correctly and, when i use the lever, I receive the item e everything else is working - BUT the items are not appearing on the workbench/floor I chose ;-; Not even when I pull the lever - theres not a single item appearing. Can you help me pls?
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    [TFS 1.4] Turn on/off pvp by using item

    Niice, dude. Now it's working perfectly. It is worth mentioning that the correct is "isNpc", not "isNPC". Thanks a lot, dude!
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    [TFS 1.4] Turn on/off pvp by using item

    The problem happens when you hit a NPC with an area spell. Everything works fine, but this. Example: (when you use exori mas that hits a NPC) Lua Script Error: [Event Interface] 2023-04-08 00:45:46 - data/events/scripts/creature.lua:[email protected] 2023-04-08 00:45:46 -...
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    Action TFS 1.3 Small Dodge System ~ Revscript ~ EventCallback

    These status can only be applied on Weapons and Shields. Theres a way to add it just in Armor Items?
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    CreatureEvent [TFS 1.X] AntiBot

    Its a nice system!!! • How can I edit to close the antibot chat when player answer correctly? • Can you explain better how works the verification time? First number is minimum and second is the maximum?? • How can I edit to receive the questions just between a specific moment of the day?
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    [TFS 1.4] Turn on/off pvp by using item

    Any solution?
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    Monster Monster looktypes

    Thnx - Helped a lot ♥
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    [TFS 1.4] Turn on/off pvp by using item

    Can you help me with this? Lua Script Error: [Event Interface] 2023-01-03 03:11:14 - data/events/scripts/creature.lua:[email protected] 2023-01-03 03:11:14 - /home/otg/data/scripts/pvp_system.lua:36: attempt to call method 'getStorageValue' (a nil value) 2023-01-03 03:11:14 - stack...