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  1. Antrhaxcs


    Hello there, can someone tell me how I can put OtsCMS working? I've tryed many times and the only thing I got is "disable magic_quotes etc..." what I need to do?
  2. Antrhaxcs

    New Server

    Hello... like tile says: Who are specting for new server :P? I'm thinking in move to new server if come soon... P.D: I don't ask about when is coming cuz nobody know it...:wub:
  3. Antrhaxcs

    How to compile Auto sql Updater?

    Help here.. Can someone Explain here how to compile the auto sql updater :S? the only thing I compiled was the evolutions server and TFS with tutorials... I can't compile autosql Updater....
  4. Antrhaxcs

    [List] All LuaSql funtion for the TFS

    Can someone Post here all LuaSql function for TFS? Whats function can be done etc Or at least post a tutorial how to use LuaSql.
  5. Antrhaxcs


    Hello.. Maybe this is a lol question but... does aol work in yours server? cuz... in mine server dont work...
  6. Antrhaxcs

    Second Try...

    This is my second Try... NOTE: Don't look at the font I know I need to improve fonts :P Look at the back :P LOL I forgot pic... Here it's:
  7. Antrhaxcs

    64 bit Based OS?

    Hello I wan't know if TFS works without problems in widows 2003 64 bits edition. answer please Also nee to know if Xammp works fine too.
  8. Antrhaxcs


    Hello I wonder is someone can tell me how I can Install this AAC to forgotten server I want start and only got this error: ! Critical: turn off magic_quotes_gpc in your PHP configuration.
  9. Antrhaxcs

    Wallpaper My very first Wallpaper

    Ok here it's mine own made Very first thing what I've made with photoshop... Comments plx
  10. Antrhaxcs

    It's this possible?

    Don't keep in proyect ty anyway...
  11. Antrhaxcs

    How to Print?

    Hello I have made a lot of test for an script and can't figure out how to make this work can you Tala~help me ? local keywordHandler = KeywordHandler:new() local npcHandler = NpcHandler:new(keywordHandler) NpcSystem.parseParameters(npcHandler) function onCreatureAppear(cid)...
  12. Antrhaxcs

    Console Version

    Hello Tala~ I want know how to compile TFS in version console, What parameters I need to ad and what need to delete.
  13. Antrhaxcs

    MySQL vs SQLite

    What is the best data storage option? What is more fast?, What is more stable?, What is more Secure?, What is more Know for players?...
  14. Antrhaxcs

    operatingSystem variable

    Hello... I want know for what is this function....? operatingSystem variable Its from Rev 207:
  15. Antrhaxcs

    Battlefield teams.

    Hello... I wonder if someone could help me: I want make an scrip who teleport all players located in (x,y,z) to (x1,y1,z1) each 30 minutes and when all players of the opposite team died teleport the last standing players to temple again. Ej: I have a normal pvp world But since the...
  16. Antrhaxcs

    Compilling error

    Hello friends I've tried to make somes changes to lookfeet damage thing and here is the problem: I'm trying to change this line: for this one Explain... I want to players can't attack others players of the same sex... but when compile I got this error... (Taken from compile log) Can...