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  1. Simon Here

    Mackan's Mappings

    lmao :o
  2. Simon Here

    darklord [mapping works]

    what the fuck is that light dude XD
  3. Simon Here

    darklord [mapping works]

  4. Simon Here

    Thorn's gallery

    love these weapons o.O
  5. Simon Here

    daadyboy's mapping thread (LOW-RATE RPG PROJECT)

    i really enjoyed this1 : good job dude
  6. Simon Here

    [8.60] Tomek Chleje Mapping ;d

    co ty wsadziłeś w glebe że jest taki efekt swiatła?
  7. Simon Here

    Simon Here Maps

    Thanks for that opinion, im glad to see it and yeah i'll try to back to this style soon
  8. Simon Here

    Simon Here Maps

    I dont want spam cause my last msg so it was last msg about it. Back to topic, ill post soon new map pieces, more clean, with new style etc, just wait
  9. Simon Here

    Shikate - Pixelart

    I love this 1 rly nice :DDDDD
  10. Simon Here

    Simon Here Maps

    If i compare my maps with yours, you have no rights to telling that shit in my thread Rik ;/
  11. Simon Here

    Simon Here Maps

    ima stop posting pics from this city and when ill done something other then i will post it here :D
  12. Simon Here

    Simon Here Maps

    I got some time for back in mapping so : D
  13. Simon Here

    [France]Hexera 10.94

    And? Who the fuck care, ppl have fun now so calm down with that comments lol
  14. Simon Here

    [SWEDEN] VoleraOT 8.60 Edited EVO MAP at 01.05.2015r

    A little error : Proffessional administrators* √Skajowski change it - > √Masny √Tuchol
  15. Simon Here

    Nicolos' Harry Potter Map

    where the fuck are comments... #topic nice nicolos
  16. Simon Here

    [8.6] Full Datapack

    ahhahaha nice joke xDDD
  17. Simon Here

    Desktop Post your desktop!

    You won this thread xD Now give me link to this wallpaper plax :D
  18. Simon Here

    [8.6] Full Datapack

    i dont have anymore www for this serv sry
  19. Simon Here

    [8.6] Full Datapack

    this server works properly with 3884 lol ... xD