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  1. timpaj

    Legendary Account System

    Cachero, Master sorcerer
  2. timpaj

    Canary Tfs 1.5 Multi-world , Solution

  3. timpaj

    Canary Tfs 1.5 Multi-world , Solution

    Hello out there otland experts :), Looking for someone whit knowledge of Multi-world Creating having followed this thread, whit no succes, and thinking i really need some help so leets try it here:) https://github.com/opentibiabr/otservbr-global-archived/pull/929/files
  4. timpaj

    Host a server

    Hello guys im back after like 5 years from had my old server, now im thinking of starting again, i can host somebodys server if you want, and maybe update me what happens now days in server hostning, just pm me add we can make a deal, im from sweden,