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  1. Rawesh

    OTClient TFS 1.5 8.60 Downgrade - Can't log into my server

    Have you forwarded port 7171 in your router? https://portforward.com/tibia/
  2. Rawesh

    Action Rust Remover

    data/actions/actions.xml If you have a newer tfs version (1.4/1.5) You can use revscripts instead. This script you're looking at is quite old. This one probably works fine (you might need to edit it abit depending on what version of Tibia you're going for)...
  3. Rawesh

    Tibia Classic by CipSoft - Sep 12 2023

    From my understanding, Mirade is saying that the "classic" artwork has been there since Tibia 11 client launch, so nothing new just newly discovered by players. Not saying he is necessarily telling the truth but that's just what he's trying to explain. Can very well be true since they probably...
  4. Rawesh

    Tibia Classic by CipSoft - Sep 12 2023

    If they are planing on launching classic game worlds, the real question for me is what version at this point counts as "classic"? My guess would be 7.7... But it may very well be a early 8.x version as well... Very curious as to how this plays out.
  5. Rawesh

    Tibia memes

  6. Rawesh

    [UK][7.4] Tibiara | PVP Enforced | Smooth Client

    It's completely free to play, how is he scamming anyone? He has made it very clear it's seasonal and it will be reset. Just don't play if it doesn't cater your likings. No need to shit talk.
  7. Rawesh

    [UK][7.4] Tibiara | PVP Enforced | Smooth Client

    Great server for fun old school pvp with that smooth client feeling! Probably the best feeling and detailed OTC out there. Definitely worth playing if you enjoy old school tibia but don't have the time to spend on the time consuming nature of lowrate 7.4. This has the best of both worlds really.
  8. Rawesh

    [7.4, 7.8, 7.92, 8.0] Sabrehaven.com based on Nostalrius 7.7 fork

    CREATE TABLE shop_history ( id int(11) NOT NULL, account int(11) NOT NULL, player int(11) NOT NULL, date datetime NOT NULL, title varchar(255) NOT NULL, cost int(11) NOT NULL, details text );
  9. Rawesh

    [US][7.4] Nostalther Violet | True Reverse Engineered 7.4 | STARTS SEPT 10 2022

    For the doubters, this here is a better visual example of said behaviour from creature:
  10. Rawesh

    TFS 1.X+ strange problem with houses

    Nah, he is asking if the tile the door is located on has been assigned as a house SQM. It has to already be assigned otherwise the Door ID option would be grayed out.
  11. Rawesh

    TFS 1.X+ strange problem with houses

    Check items.xml see if those IDs have door type as attribute. Make sure your items.xml in data folder of RME matches your items.xml from server. Also check if those door IDs have a action script that is properly registered.
  12. Rawesh

    TFS 1.X+ strange problem with houses

    The doors are probably missing Door ID. In RME > Right click on the house doors > Properties > Assign each door of the house a unique door ID if they're set to 0
  13. Rawesh

    [UK][7.4] Tibiara | PVP Enforced | Smooth Client

    I can vouche for @Danger II and confirm that Tibiara did have these mechanics correct but it was changed because players complained and wanted a more smooth gameplay. Otherwise this was 100% achieved in the first edition of Tibiara
  14. Rawesh

    Script and tutorial to automate install of "Leaked" 7.70 server

    This is proof that alot of players are polluted by garbage OTserv behaviour. This is literally cipsoft files of original tibia 7.7, it does not get more real than this... The amount of times I've had to whip out a TibiCam recording to prove True 7.x behaviour is insane, and sometimes people...
  15. Rawesh

    Lua Looking for Boreth, Lersatio, Marziel and Arthei (Blood Brothers Quest)

    Not sure how accurate these are or if they even are compatible at all but here you go all 4 blood brother bosses :)
  16. Rawesh

    [7.4, 7.8, 7.92, 8.0] Sabrehaven.com based on Nostalrius 7.7 fork

    I've attached the compiled .exe and .dlls with the fix for that issue for the 8.0 version.
  17. Rawesh

    Holy ****

    They always come back :cool:
  18. Rawesh

    [ENGLAND] [7.4] - Delvine - (17th march, 2023)

    That is exactly what you tried to do and also failed miserably, which is why I don't understand why you are in this thread picking on other people when you shared their similair fate. You copied almost every post about Tibiantis and other 7.4 reverse engineered mechanics and tried to make it...
  19. Rawesh

    [ENGLAND] [7.4] - Delvine - (17th march, 2023)

    Aren't you the guy who copy + pasted other peoples posts and photos to show off features you had in your so called reverse engineered tibia server and expected to be taken seriously? What happened to your threads and server? Why are you here flaming other people?
  20. Rawesh

    TFS 1.X+ Tfs 1.4 and Otc v8 Cant pick up items

    You could also check your eventcallback lua scripts to see if anything is messing with onMoveItem function Here or Here Have you also tried to use a different client to rule out client side issues? (or check otcv8 terminal to see if there is any errors)