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    Feature [TFS 1.x+] Print all send network packets in server console

    Nice!... and how to know the new bytes from the latest tibia version?
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    Bounty: Compile RME w/ modern Linux distro

    Someone put fixes in PR atm just add and compile..... Fix build errors by diath · Pull Request #380 · hampusborgos/rme (https://github.com/hampusborgos/rme/pull/380)
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    AAC MYAAC images/store problem

    On my config coinImagesURL = "https://www.razgard.com/store/" 1631202484 Not in /images/ folder just root
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    TFS 1.X+ [TFS 1.3] - How to Get the Name of Player Summons When They Die

    local creatureevent = CreatureEvent() function creatureevent.onDeath(creature, corpse, killer, mostDamageKiller, lastHitUnjustified, mostDamageUnjustified) if creature:isMonster() then local master = creature:getMaster() if master then master:getName()...
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    [Poland] [12.64] | Pawulonia | RL MAP | Low rates

    im in ;D nice to see u Saeqis! remember u
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    RevScripts how to increase the bestiary rate?

    participant:addBestiaryKill(creature:getName(), 3) But u need to make some changes on the sources iobestiary.cpp: void IOBestiary::addBestiaryKill(Player* player, MonsterType* mtype, uint32_t amount /*= 1*/) { uint16_t raceid = mtype->info.raceid; if (raceid == 0) { return...
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    [USA][12.60] Razgard Low Rates [Global][PvP]

    Oh ya! thank you for you feedback... protection level will change after server save :D
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    [USA][12.60] Razgard Low Rates [Global][PvP]

    All monsters will have a 10% chance of dropping 1 tibia coin.
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    [USA][12.60] Razgard Low Rates [Global][PvP]

    Yes rl map my friend! come to play, Double Exp/skill this weekend! 1622689716 Now Bath Tub regenerates mana, health by vocation regeneration rates and two stamina points every minute.
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    [USA][12.60] Razgard Low Rates [Global][PvP]

    Only old utamo vita
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    [USA][12.60] Razgard Low Rates [Global][PvP]

    GIVEAWAY!!! 1000 Tibia Coins, everyone can participate only following these requirements: Unique account. Verified email account. Not multiple accounts with same ip, geolocation and mac address. Account with any player level 100 more. Account with any player with house. Account with any player...
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    Wallpaper Rookgaard

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    The first word that comes to your head...

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    Realmap 10.98 looking for members TFS 1.3

    meee meee i work with myacc look v
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    OTCv8 is now opened for c++ developers

    Nice to hear that! i work with OTCv8 and almost all players use this client.
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    ༻》Welcome to Azakelis《༺

    Post on sprite section bro, good stuff