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  1. 9611262

    TalkAction Simply generator commands like !aol !backpack

    This generator helped me, thank you.
  2. 9611262

    9611262's Mapping Thread!

    Yes, i like it too, thank u :)
  3. 9611262

    Desktop Post your desktop!

    Hidden icons :rolleyes:
  4. 9611262

    9611262's Mapping Thread!

    I fixed this cave and nature a little ^_^
  5. 9611262

    9611262's Mapping Thread!

    Hello there! I just started mapping at a higher version ^_^ Here you go! Regards!
  6. 9611262

    [Modern AAC] Emporia Website + Pages

    Reupload please
  7. 9611262

    Jutro szkoła - jak wrażenia?

    Dobra chłopaki (i dziewczęta =P), damy rade!
  8. 9611262

    [7.6][SQL][TFS] Szukam ACCMAKER!

    Szukam accmaker'a (wiecej info w Tytule) Próbowałem z Nicawem i Gesiorem =/
  9. 9611262

    Selooth's latest Mappings!

    Very nice cave! As I like =) Dominik, what editor you use for version 9.1? =P
  10. 9611262

    Selooth's latest Mappings!

    very nice map's, you're a talented mapper =)