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Search results

  1. Gwos

    [France] [7.6 / Custom] Ramonia | Resurrection! | START 24th of November 18:00 CET

    4 hours left and the adventure begins! :D
  2. Gwos

    Scripter Need some scripts!

    I'm looking someone who will create a few simple scripts for me! Payment: BLIK or PAYPAL TFS: 0.3.6 Give me your Discord Name here.
  3. Gwos

    [Canada][8.60] World of Shinobi

    Wtf man where is ip server? -.- why do you forget about it every time? https://worldofshinobi.pl/
  4. Gwos

    [POLAND][CUSTOM] PrioGames

    Only 3 hours left see you in game guys :)
  5. Gwos

    Mapper Need Mapper - Anime OTS - Bleach Evo

    Hello, I'm looking for a mapper for my Bleach Evolution project it doesn't have to be a professional. - payment depending on the work done, or % of profits from the server If you are interested write to me on discord Shizz#2154
  6. Gwos

    [Germany] [Custom] Ascalon Revival - July 28th 2023!

    1 day left lets goo!!
  7. Gwos

    [Germany] [Custom] Ascalon Revival - July 28th 2023!

    My Tibian friends! <3 i will be there for sure Come back with me to the old good times vibe :)
  8. Gwos

    [Poland][12.51] WykopOts - 25.12.2022 19:00 CET | Custom Map | Low Rate | Balanced Gameplay

    I don't see a map showing where the desert quest is. Start advertising, nothing lost yet!
  9. Gwos

    [Poland][12.51] WykopOts - 25.12.2022 19:00 CET | Custom Map | Low Rate | Balanced Gameplay

    Please try harder this time with advertising! I will come for sure, server the best! :)
  10. Gwos

    [Canada] [ 7.72+/ Custom] Ardera | YurOTS Inspired - 26.11.2022 20:00 UTC (Saturday)!

    Very good server, I recommend! See you in game :)
  11. Gwos

    [Poland] [8.54] DaWinBi (18.11.2022)

    Back to the great oldschool vibe, oh I love it! See you soon :)
  12. Gwos

    Naruto Mapper

    Need mapper ;)!
  13. Gwos

    Naruto Mapper

    BUMP - PAID JOB !!
  14. Gwos

    Naruto Mapper

    Hello! Im looking for a Mapper - Tibia Naruto project DIscord for more information: Shizz#2154
  15. Gwos

    Ranger's Arcani - Official Discussion

    Can't wait :) :) See you in game!!