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    TFS 1.X+ Segmentation fault.

    Have you made any changes to use spell like this Ex Ura?
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    TFS 0.X Show ammunation attack on look

    I believe there is no problem as it is just visual information
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    Doesn't recognize mana type or stack tfs 1.2

    Here is your problem: player:remove(1) this forces the player to log out, just remove this line
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    Doesn't recognize mana type or stack tfs 1.2

    I don't know nothing about that, but, As you can see, you've created a completely new vial with the Mana Fluid design inside, correct? Have you tried unchecking the fluid content option? making an item as if it were a regular item, but without this option of it being a fluid content and seeing...
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    Grizzly Adams tfs1.5 problem

    I believe you are using this script, as shown in the error, there is no function called "getTasksByPlayer" that comes along with the LIB of this script, so probably you did not add the lib correctly to your server as linked below, try to follow the steps correctly. If you have placed the lib...
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    Lua Quest chest help

    It wasn't an error, you had added the script using actions.xml, but as you deleted the file from the actions folder, you should have also deleted the mention of it in the actions.xml file, use the script as it was given to you, it may not seem like it, but using revscript makes everything faster...
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    help with script "open gates"

    change where is: to: or simply add this function in the script in line 1 local function Player.sendCancelMessageWithEffect(self, message, effect) self:sendCancelMessage(message) self:getPosition():sendMagicEffect(effect) end
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    Lua Advanced/Script effect level up

    @Gaber Zen try this? --[[ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / Advanced OnAdvance Fancy Edition The Best OnAdvance Creaturescript Scripted by Cybermaster / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / ]]-- local area, data = { {0, 1, 1, 1, 0}, {1, 1...
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    AAC New Outfits ZnoteAAC

    Outfit or item Sprite?
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    npc travel

    You just need to change doPlayerRemoveMoney for the correct function that remove money also from bank. which server do you use?
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    Boosted Monster Gesior

    @Azerty $urlmonsterquery = $SQL->query("SELECT `value` FROM `server_config` WHERE `config` = 'boost_monster_url'")->fetch(); It seems that the path or address for the monster of the day image is saved in your database and this function above returns the address... It seems strange the...
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    Offline Training in beds on houses.

    which server and which version? Without this information, no one can help you with anything.
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    Clone items in TFS 1.X

    Could the client have something to do with it? notice that the window doesn't close as soon as he puts it in the mail, shouldn't it close?
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    Lose itens of store when loses house

    unfortunately my knowledge of c codes is small, if not zero, but I believe the idea is: "check items that can be wraped, wrap them and send them to the depot" Here's the code that do everything...
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    TFS 1.X+ Castle Boost exp

    I don't think so, firstly, you don't need to declare xpcastle = 0 and the PlayeronGainExperience function is bigger than it presented, it can't end at this end that you placed and it also doesn't make sense for you to keep xpcastle just to calculate the 20% bonus since if you put exp = exp * 1.2...
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    Lose itens of store when loses house

    So, I've seen in a server's code that only items with the pickupable flag are sent to the depot, the rest remain, such as tables, chairs and the like. What you can do is make these store items pickupable or modify the code so that they are transformed into a pickupable item and sent to the...
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    TFS 1.X+ Castle Boost exp

    In player.lua, shouldn't you use exp instead of xpcastle? function Player:onGainExperience(source, exp, rawExp) if self:getGuild() and self:getGuild():getId() == CASTLE24H:getGuildIdFromCastle() then exp = exp * 1.20 -- +20% XP end
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    RevScripts set storage onlogin problem

    You can try this way, not tested(revscript): -- Create an array of storages you want to add local storages = {1000, 1001, 1002, 1003} -- Create an onLogin function that will be called when the player enters the game local addStorages = CreatureEvent("AddStorages") function...
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    TFS 1.X+ Many errors in lua TFS 1.4.2

    change the part of the script corresponding to: if offlineTrainingSkill == 99 or offlineTrainingSkill == -1 then player:addOfflineTrainingTime(offlineTime * 1000) return true end player:setOfflineTrainingSkill(99) I don't think this is the correct solution but here it is working (I...
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    Zone ACC Version 1.5 Can't Register Account. TFS 1.0

    @Duzo I think you shouldn't add 0.2.5 but test which version your server works with, 0.2, 0.3 and 10. https://github.com/Znote/ZnoteAAC/blob/001b12e762d897b16990fd9baf8ff4a5072b342a/config.php#L17 about the temple, you must also configure it in config.php, I don't know if the error is due to...