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  1. Blackstone

    [TFS 1.4.2] Random color monster outfit

    Most likely because the default color is 0 (white). You got to copy the value from the creature outfit. Untested: self:setOutfit({lookType = outfit.lookType, lookHead = colors.head[math.random(1, #colors.head)], lookBody = outfit.lookBody, lookLegs = outfit.lookLegs, lookFeet = outfit.lookFeet})
  2. Blackstone

    [France] [13.13] Noveria Beta | Evo | Skill Wheel | March 31st 19:00 CEST

    Really nice, I am definitely going to check this out on Saturday/Sunday. I love the kind of "old school" vibes even tho or also because it is paired with newest sprites and updates. When I started playing back in the days, most likely like many of us, I first played and worked with the...
  3. Blackstone

    Aint this cool?

    From my experience it costs you more time than it actually saves. Sometimes it is more annoying to fix some weird ass code as simply writing it the proper way yourself. Btw. this already has been discussed a while ago: ChatGPT & AI Talk Is it nice anyway? Yeah, at least interesting for the...
  4. Blackstone

    Rising Continent - Development

    Hello everyone! Today we are going to start our first Open-Early-Alpha (01.10.2022, 18 CEST - 16.10.2022) Please help us to find issues, bugs, hickups or bring up ideas to improve the gameplay. We are really looking forward to improve our project based on the community feedback. The...
  5. Blackstone

    [Blackstone] Mapping showoff

    First time testing out hive sprites. A really quick and simple style.
  6. Blackstone

    Team Rising Continents (looking for Client and Web Developer)

    Hello fellows! As mentioned in the title, I am looking for another person to join my team as Client and Web Developer. I could basically try to get everything done myself but not as smooth as I would like it to be in the estimated timeframe. Currently I am focussing on Mapping, TFS...
  7. Blackstone

    [Blackstone] Mapping showoff

    I am currently working hard to get everything solved towards an open alpha on the first of october. Feel free to take a look on the Development Thread of Rising Continents and join our Discord! The following is just a small showoff of the crafting/building feature. I hope you enjoy! Cheers!
  8. Blackstone

    Rising Continent - Development

    Rising Continents - Development This is a long term low exp RPG project that I have started in 2013 in an early alpha stage. Its name comes from "exploring a world that is extended day by day and that has naturally blocked off paths and roads". For many years the project was on hold, so in fact...
  9. Blackstone

    payment systems

    So in fact you want to evade sanctions because they do totally not affect you? Kind of a weird statement if you ask me. Just don't make business with other countries in this case and it is all good. I am sure there is an alternative that russian customers can use. To be honest, starting a thread...
  10. Blackstone

    [Blackstone] Mapping showoff

    Another really easy setting that can be made in just a few minutes.
  11. Blackstone

    [Blackstone] Mapping showoff

    Against all odds: a nomad hideout. (inspired by @Mackan™)
  12. Blackstone


    Coding is a hobby just like playing the game. Earning money while just following your passion? I call it clever. So put on your glasses and continue your work @Xikini . Just kidding I wish you all the best, there are way better things than checking this forum day to day. We all waste time here.
  13. Blackstone

    Complaint Warning for a wonderful souvlaki recipe (in greek)

    Hello everyone, I have got a quick question about reports. There is a lot of foreign language posts all over Otland. So it has always came to my mind to kind of "make fun of it" hoping that anyone else than my would enjoy it. Reporting it with "lorem ipsum" as reason or anything else that is...
  14. Blackstone

    [Blackstone] Mapping showoff

    Getting a little closer towards my short-term goals. First hero spawn I ever made. (work in progress)
  15. Blackstone

    [Blackstone] Mapping showoff

    "The abandoned part of the 'Old Westwend Village' is a dangerous place to be. The pest has almost killed all the inhabitants before the road was shut down and barricaded." p.s.: Rising Continents is growing every day. The first two continents are about to be finished soon. More information...