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    Lua attempt to call global getDataDir()

    Is there any easy way to fix this? I've moved my OTHire NPC-pack to TFS 1.5 downgrade by nekiro. I've tried different libs, nothing seems to work.
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    Real tibia datapack for nekiro downgrade 7.72?

    So I've been playing around with OTHire and nostalrius but I'd like to go with the nekiro downgrade instead, is there any good data packs out there that's compatible with it? (real tibia map). I'd be willing to pay someone to help me :)
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    Cultera removed from "golden highligt" list

    Golden highligt is 230 coins/week, Featured server box is 125/week. 300 coins is £23.
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    Linux Utito tempo san + Exura san?????

    Change groups in spells.xml. <instant name="Sharpshooter" words="utito tempo san" lvl="60" mana="450" prem="0" aggressive="0" selftarget="1" exhaustion="2000" groups="2,10000;3,10000" icon="135" needlearn="0" event="script" value="support/sharpshooter.lua"> <vocation id="3;7"/>...
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    Cultera removed from "golden highligt" list

    5 days ago I bought both the Golden highligt and Featured server - both for a week. However, the Featured server thingy lasts for 2 days more, while the Golden highligt is already gone. Any ideas why? Also, otservlist is showing 2 players online when there's 10-20.
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    Windows Uniform server error on startup

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    [Sweden] Cultera 9.86 Global tibia with most features!

    Added Gengia and Oken. Fixed some bugs.
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    [Sweden] Cultera 9.86 Global tibia with most features!

    Some monsters have been fixed/balanced. Fixed a few minor mapbugs. Added premium to the shop. Changed stages for higher exp. Lowered Loot rate from 4x to 2x.
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    [Sweden] Cultera 9.86 Global tibia with most features!

    Would you rather not get ANY information about the server?
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    [Sweden] Cultera 9.86 Global tibia with most features!

    Welcome to Cultera! Client: 9.8-9.86 (IP Changer and client can be found on our website). Port:7171 Hosted in sweden on a 100mbit internet. Map: Full global tibia. Website: Cultera Account creation: Cultera -- Rates: Experience rate: 1-50: 120x 51-70: 100x...