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    I need a client of my own for my 7.4 server, I need an experienced programmer with references to make a client the way I'm looking. Answer here to make a quote, thank you! I don't know if I'm in the right place, if not I'm sorry and I ask that you kindly move!
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    Payment Script Modification via Automatic PIX

    Hello people, all right? I need to implement the automatic PIX script, can anyone help me? I already have the system here. Mercadopago.php:
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    Spawn Monster Via Item

    Hail guys from OtLand, okay? I would like to know if someone can make a script for me, my idea is like this: I would like to have a specific item that when the player uses it, spawns a monster next to the player, but all the SQM around the player would have to be free , not being able to have a...
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    Bug War System

    Good morning, I have an ot 7.4 project and lately I face a small problem with the War System, for a guild to invite another, everything works fine, but when the other guild accepts the War the server crashes, I cannot see what error it is giving, because it closes the distro, can someone help me...
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    ChangeSex with HAT

    I have a script that changes the gender of the character by clicking on an item, but when it has the full male mage, it changes to the full female mage and not to the summoner who would have the hat, but when it changes from female to male it works just fine , I don't know why, can someone help...
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    [Canada] [Custom] RookTales2.0 [Custom-Rook] [FRESH WIPE] [2X EXP 100+ QUESTS]

    One of the best servers I've ever played, very well designed, balanced vocations, a lot of hunts diversity, exclusive cities, I'm really enjoying it, my character is Peleguera on Rook