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  1. lucas815

    TFS 1.X+ Daily reward shrine doesn't give items

    Can u solve this? I have the same issue..
  2. lucas815

    [Argentina] [12.86] LETAL OT

    Welcome, Letal OT is an argentinian dedicated server which will try to create a latin Tibia community. However everyone is invited ^^. The server is already in beta tester (opened just 2 days ago) and we are working to fix every bugs we found =D. Website: Letal OT - Home Exp & Skill Rates...
  3. lucas815

    Table 'ot_2022.znote_accounts' doesn't exist

    Hello u need to run the znote schema migration in database folder
  4. lucas815

    AAC Starting items in znote acc

    Just find your login.lua and add this code. Obviously u can change items for each vocation if u want. function playerLogin.onLogin(player) local items = { {3003, 1}, -- rope {3043, 5}, -- crystal coins {3572, 1}, -- scarf {3725, 20}, -- brown mushrooms }...
  5. lucas815

    Programmer looking for web programmer

    Hello Methxs. I'm a web programmer and a lover of Tibia. I can help u in anything. Mail me to: [email protected]