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  1. Cardinale

    Why the private server is dying and otland is dying with them?

    name another game that has more than 25 years ONLINE! and still is open. and otservers come from tibia because tibia WAS hard. last years tibia has become more "fun" they learned this and now they open new servers every couple of months. i did start the last new server and reached level 100 in...
  2. Cardinale

    OTClient Merge spr

  3. Cardinale

    Public opinion. What if a HARDCORE server was created? death=delete

    what about, no depot system, no bank system, so all your items and currency is always with the "character" so if you die, you lost a % of your total currence, exp, items, stats, etc.. so it will be like a hardcore "die" server.
  4. Cardinale

    Seven crown, Gungale edition.

    hi everyone! life put me on a new work so i was very bussy!! i will keep working on this since today! im also open for any spriting work if someone interested!
  5. Cardinale

    Draconzor - Pixel Art

    i did something to show you how the wizard should look with the right perspective. i tried my best to mimic it hope you can compare it and improve your skills
  6. Cardinale

    spriting tutorial by cardinale

    "hi, i will show you some tecniques to create sprites." "first search for some 2D models from 64x64 to 256x256" is stated in the first message, "Tecniques, using corel, and photoshop to make items, modifications, or animations" a regular person with 0% knowledge of spriting using this...
  7. Cardinale

    spriting tutorial by cardinale

    everything is posted step by step, what do you mean?
  8. Cardinale

    spriting tutorial by cardinale

    hi otland! today i will show you how to make any item with rainbow animation. first we need a "rainbow base" so i will use the rainbow shield from tibia. then i will take the item i want to have the rainbox effect to have the same count of animations. but i just want the "green stones to...
  9. Cardinale

    Geometric 3d Effect (XUnknow Gallery)

    because every couple of years tibia change their pixel art employes, just check the spriting for every update is very diferent. the most i liked is from 2013/2014
  10. Cardinale

    Graphic Designer Offering free design services for the community

    i have been working in this project for a month Seven crown, Gungale edition. (https://otland.net/threads/seven-crown-gungale-edition.284642/) can you do a Logo for the game? this logo will replace the "TIBIA" logo of the client, and website. the name of the game is "Seven crown" Gungale...
  11. Cardinale

    spriting tutorial by cardinale

    now i will use one of this base sprites, to make it a real cool sprite. i will use the golden effect tecnique using this base sprite. and i will use this "golden" 32x32 sprite as mixer using corel for example, the "multiplier mixer at 100%" done, Golden Wood helmet 1683376617 now the...
  12. Cardinale

    spriting tutorial by cardinale

    hi, i will show you some tecniques to create sprites. first search for some 2D models from 64x64 to 256x256 then you need to cut and remove all the grey area of the desired item and make it 64x64 or 128x128 just "cutting it" with the paint cut square tool! finally when you got the...
  13. Cardinale

    Geometric 3d Effect (XUnknow Gallery)

    yeah it really depends of what are you doing, those walls will fit in games like pokemon ots, naruto ots, and dragon ball ots, they have "soft color sprites" without borders, but if you mix those with tibia sprites they will look a lot diferent inside the game
  14. Cardinale

    Geometric 3d Effect (XUnknow Gallery)

    almost every wall sprite in tibia has borders, (black borders, or using a darkest tone of the color of the wall, just zoom in. if not it will look faded
  15. Cardinale

    Geometric 3d Effect (XUnknow Gallery)

    hi, the desings are ok, but you are using toooo soft colors, also you need to use more borders
  16. Cardinale

    Seven crown, Gungale edition.

    added animation for when you LOOK on things rework of the mountains extended the depot and added a new floor to fit the walls added shop for training weapons also added second floor of the training tower for premium players 1682619165 working in the magic shop map view, and remember...
  17. Cardinale

    Clickz Spriting Showcase

    tried to make it bigger, you should try to use all the 32x32 pixels to draw more details, unless you are trying to do something like old school.
  18. Cardinale

    Super Mario Mapping inspiration! 🍄

    but for this you need to make a "jump" system where you can hit cubes for gold, items, boost, during hunt/exploring also you should do "levels, episodes" where you need to finish those "maps" to obtain the "Shiny star" like mario sunshine. so you need to do some custom sprites for the cubes...
  19. Cardinale

    OTClient Custom tibia client

    10.99 is the same as 10.98 you can use both in your server engine. the only diference beetween those versions are 3 mounts