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    Help Use X Item in Monster

    function onUse(player, item, fromPosition, target, toPosition, isHotkey) -- If the 'monsterName' variable has the name of a specific monster, then the rune will only work for that particular monster. -- If the 'monsterName' variable is empty, then the rune will work for any monster...
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    Lua Attempt to index local 'killer_' (a nil value)

    I'm having this problem when I summon some monster to help me kill the algorithm's creature. This is the problem that occurs: I will warn you that this is an onDeath function And here is a part of the algorithm: for cid, damage in pairs(creature:getDamageMap()) do -- The 'killer_'...
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    Lua Collect all ids of a column located within a database table

    Thanks Slaw! You helped me a lot. Now it's working and here's the solution in case anyone has the same question: if resultId then repeat local playerId = result.getNumber(resultId, "player_id") db.query("DELETE FROM test_server_storage WHERE player_id = " .. playerId)...
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    Lua Collect all ids of a column located within a database table

    When I use this query inside my database, in the SQL area: SELECT item_id FROM test_server_storage WHERE player_id = 6 AND item_id > 0; The value of all columns called 'item_id' of my player with id 6 is returned to me. For example: 3387 3388 3389 3420 But, when I try to make the same query...
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    Lua Collect all ids of a column located within a database table

    Hello World! I created an auxiliary table for my database called 'test_server_storage'. In this table there are two columns. The 'player_id' column and the 'item_id' column. I'm trying to collect all ids that are in the columns called 'item_id' of a certain player, in this case 'player_id'. And...
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    How to return all killers?

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    How to return all killers?

    I'm making a script, but the algoritm is returning only one killer. I want to return all killers: local drop = { [1] = { itemId = 3423, desc = "blessed shield", chance = 20 }, [2] = { itemId = 3278, desc = "magic longsword", chance = 20 }, [3] = { itemId = 3390, desc = "horned...
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    OTClient OtclientV8 for server 12.91

    I downloaded the latest version of OtclientV8, I'm trying to use it on a server version 12.91, but it asks for .spr and .dat files.
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    OTClient I am not receiving packets from the server

    I have a problem with my Otclient. It is not receiving packets from the server. An example is the amount of money my character has: When I talk to an NPC and ask to buy something, he says my character has no money. When i open the terminal: 1675371037 I'm using Mehah Otclient...
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    Summoner item script

    function onUse(cid, item, frompos, item2, topos) doSummonCreature("Experience Bug", getPlayerPosition(cid)) doRemoveItem(item.uid) return true end
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    Summoner item script

    --[[ How to use? [item_id] = {summon = "Monster Name"} You can add more lines like the ones below, following the same pattern. ]] local config = { [2151] = { summon = "Scarab" }, [2112] = { summon = "Demon" }, } function onUse(cid, item, frompos, item2, topos) local...
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    Lua Action ID - description Keys.

    local config = { [1] = { actionId = 2022, description = "A cool description." }, [2] = { actionId = 2023, description = "This item is bizarre." }, [3] = { actionId = 2024, description = "Teddy bear of a lonely child." }, } function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition, itemEx, toPosition)...
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    Your monster's damage is probably like this: <attack name="melee" interval="2000" min="0" max="-40" /> Try something like this: <attack name="melee" interval="2000" skill="26" attack="18"/>
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    Lua Teleport character if the bodies are in the correct places.

    I need help shortening the script. I know that there is a possibility to do it by loop, but I don't know how. I need this algorithm to scan three bodies at three specific positions. If all three bodies are in the correct position, the script will work. local config = { goToPosition = { x =...
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    RAID removing item

    Whenever it's Friday, the server will try to execute the raid. Every hour, the server will have a 30% chance to execute the raid. The raid can only be performed once per Friday.
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    RAID removing item

    Startup Globalevent: local weekDay = "Friday" local monster = { name = "Darkness Dragon unprisioned", position = { x = 100, y = 100, z = 7 }, } local stack_pos = 255 local removeList = { [1] = { itemId = 3122, itemPosition = { x = 100, y = 100, z = 7, stackPos = stack_pos } }...
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    change item for storage

    local storages = { [1] = { storage = 40210, value = 6 }, } if item.uid == 5231 then for i = 1, #storages do if getPlayerStorageValue(cid, storages[i].storage) < storages[i].value then doPlayerSendTextMessage(cid, 20, "You are not allowed to pass.")...
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    OTClient GameExtendedOpcode otv8 tfs 1.5

    Server script: Ops, you need to change the EAT_OPCODE to the number 55 at line 4; And, you need to define a storage value at line 3.
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    Lua How to add a focus by NPC?

    In this algorithm, I check if the NPC is focusing on myself: if not npcHandler:isFocused(cid) then return false end My doubt is: How to add a focus to my character? Which function to use? @EDIT: I searched within my server's NPC system and found the answer, so in case anyone has the same...
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    Where to start learning about OT Clients/Servers?

    If you want to do a good job, yes, you will need to learn programming. I suggest you take a quick course on algorithms. Then take a course on C++