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  1. Hviles

    Althea ¤ A New World – Official Discussion

  2. Hviles

    [POLAND] [8.60] NERAVIA RPG CUSTOM MAP | 1 Jan 2023 18:00 CET

    Your discord link on webpage is deded
  3. Hviles

    [12.XX] Karmia Development - 2022

    Any test/beta/launch coming for this soon? :D
  4. Hviles

    [France][10.98/Custom] Trollheim Online - 26th May 2023

    I will just post my minimalistic solve it urself if u got questions rook guide: Hviles - Rookguard Guide: Step 1: Lvl 1-4: - Go directly from temple to house north of temple. Click wardrobe for doublet. - Kill some chickens/rabbits in town to get club 11/12. - Kill some snakes/spiders for cash...
  5. Hviles

    [France][10.98/Custom] Trollheim Online - 26th May 2023

    Feels like a beta, but I am really enjoying the server. Get in!
  6. Hviles

    [France][Custom] Gothania - first Gothic II server [5th August, Saturday 16:00 CEST]

    I hope to come back to this server one day with a fresh restart. and another chapter in the game history if it exists. Some balancing and tweaks. and the owners own touch. Loved the weeks i played this server. hoping hey can bring it to a new level for next launch.
  7. Hviles

    Rising Continent - Development

    Saved space for review after alpha closed**
  8. Hviles

    [Sweden] [Custom] - Therran

    Great server, but needs a new hoster. Hoster has been doing quite a few runs now, and it has become what we feared, a cashfarm. It is really sad since the potential for this server is huge, but when the hoster just fucks the community its hard to still commit to this server.
  9. Hviles

    [Sweden] [Custom] - Therran

  10. Hviles

    [France][Custom] Gothania - first Gothic II server [5th August, Saturday 16:00 CEST]

    We're a few players that have never played Gothic, and we're really enjoying our self on the server! Its a rough server compared to todays AFK Mobile game OT's with pay2play models. Lovely to see more and more players log in from day to day also.
  11. Hviles

    [Sweden] [Custom] - Therran

  12. Hviles

    Therran - Official Discussion

    Sooo hyped about this one! Cant't wait!
  13. Hviles

    [NL] [10.98] Dolport Challenges

    Been playing this server for about 2 weeks now, and I've had a blast so far. The map is quite small, but with the density of things it fits nicely with a small server. There's never a long walk till the spots you want to hunt at.GM is quite active, handles thing straight away if you experience...
  14. Hviles

    New Mapper

    I recently started fiddling with mapping and I've looked through a few of the posts here. But most of them seem pretty old and outdated. Anyone got any tips to do's and do not's regarding caves/huntinggrounds? Will be much appreciated.
  15. Hviles

    [USA] [8.0 / Custom] SolusOT is back! The Phoenix rises again!

    First server i'm rly enjoying in years!
  16. Hviles

    World of Therran - Official Discussion Thread

    Stable 28-30 ms ping. Fps goes from 600-1300. Amazing map and skill-system. Got its kid-diceases but admins seems to be onto it. All considered a very nice server. That seems to end up quite alot higher than the expectation i had for it.
  17. Hviles

    World Show: 3D tattoo

    AH. almost freaking out just to look at the spider.
  18. Hviles

    Kingdom Age will be released today!

    The page is up!=!=!=!=!=!=!
  19. Hviles

    Kingdom Age will be released today!

    had some hope now until i read this -.-
  20. Hviles

    Kingdom Age will be released today!

    i would rather play finished, than with 100k bugs in it. :)