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    Team Dynasty Project - 10.76 Real map++

    Hello OtLand, I am reviving my old OT Project, which I felt was so close too being ready for a launch. But it seems it could use a bit of work and I'm all alone :'( If anybody wants too join me I could use some help The server is based on tfs 1.1x I need -> C++ Dev, Lua Scripter, Rme Mapper...
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    Lua TFS 1.1 - casino scripts request!

    Hello Otland, I have a request for a LUA script, I would like a 3 row slot machine.. something like this.. but with 3 rows off possible combinations.. but 3 rows... and combinations could be diagonal or across w.e anybody...
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    fixed myself, delete thread noob problem sorry >_<

    Nvm fixed this can delete thread >_<
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    Team Dynasty OT 10.76 Searching for Scripter & Mapper

    Hello Otland, I am 24 years old, I am extremely passionate about Tibia and OT, I love seeing ideas come to life in the game, OT has been an absolutely amazing learning experience, I started dabbling in the arts around 16 years old and, I have created a few servers in the past as a hobby in my...
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    Tfs 1.1 - Items Decaying problem

    Hi, Im using ORTS and tfs 1.1, I am trying too make some items decay through the items.xml It's not working properly, does anybody know why?
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    Windows tfs 1.1 Debugging - help plx.

    Hello Otland, I recently made a big mistake. And forgot too make a backup of my project!! My server is now crashing every so often, Can somebody explain too me the proper way of tracking down the cause? I dont know how to identify the problem, and It's frustrating.
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    Lua ? where too configure how often npcs say stuff?

    It seems the npcs on my server are spamming like every ...10 seconds or so haha... they dont need too talk so much! Can someone tell me how too fix this? thank you~! -Martin
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    Action [TFS 1.1] - Sex change Doll

    This is a simple script you use a doll (or xxxx item) and it changes your sex to the opposite sex. I have a sex changer npc who sells this feature and I turned it into a doll for you guys I guess lol. feel free too post improvements and suggestions! actions.xml - <action itemid="xxxx"...
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    Lua question - Animated text tfs 1.1

    So I have a quick question.. Is it possible too make get.spectator see by TEXTCOLOR_ ? because I see here im using zbizus wild growth and mwall scripts and he uses TEXTCOLOR_ for the timers... here is the his script- tile_timer(id,pos,40,TEXTCOLOR_LIGHTGREEN) local id = ITEM_WILDGROWTH...
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    TalkAction [TFS 1.1] - !aol or !bless

    Hey Otland, I decided too post these... just too promote use of tfs 1.1! talkactions.xml <talkactionwords="!bless"script="bless.lua"/> <talkactionwords="!aol"script="aol.lua"/> bless.lua local bless ={1,2,3,4,5} local price =100000 function onSay(player, words, param) for i =1...
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    GlobalEvent [TFS 1.1] - Lottery

    Here is a simple lottery script, with configurable rewards chosen at random. Tested this on tfs 1.1 Credits - @Luan Luciano Installation - globalevents.xml <globalevent name="Lotto" time="01:00:00" script="Events/lottery.lua" /> (too add more, just add more lines with different time ^)...
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    TFS 1.1/ RME - SIGNS

    hello otland, once again I have a noob problem :| When i write stuff on signs in remeres, it does not show in game when players click the sign... what do i have too do? ><' thanks guys, -Martin
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    Looking for tfs 1.1 GlobalEvents

    Hey Pro scripters, I am looking for some cool globalevents in which players compete for rewards! Does anybody have some too share? or is somebody up for the challenge of creating one? Take a look at this "imaginative" thread I created and maybe it will inspire you too make the next great...
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    Solved Blessing talkaction tfs 1.1

    So I have this script and I am trying too make it work on tfs 1.1 local bless = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5} local cost = 50000 function onSay(cid, words, param) for i = 1, table.maxn(bless) do if(getBlessings(cid, bless)) then doPlayerSendCancel(cid, "You have already all blessings.") return TRUE end end...
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    Solved Where is a coins value decided? TFS 1.1

    Hi, I have added a new form off currency and now the npc does not accept it, so players must convert back too old currency too use it at a shop. i think back in the day it was a simple attribute in items.xml I noticed there is no value in items.xml, How do we determine a coins value.. like...
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    Lua Tfs1.1 New currency problem

    Hello Otland, I am having trouble getting my new currency too work here.... Before in 0.3.6 you had too add the [item_gold_nugget] into your constant.lua I cant find a constant.lua, or anything like this in tfs 1.1 can someone explain too me what they changed constant.lua too... because i...
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    Noobie Question, Ladders tfs 1.1

    Hi guys and gals, how do i make a ladder work, how it is supposed too.. Is it an action? Do i just edit it in items.xml? can someone explain too me how this works? thanks, -martin
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    Need tfs 1.1 Spells

    Hey guys, im looking for some cool spells for tfs 1.1 I want a spell that looks like meteors coming from the top left of the screen turning into fire midscreen and firefields when it hits the ground I seen this in a video one time, and have been looking and looking.. If anybody has something...
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    Lua Error Snow movement tfs 1.1

    function onStepOut(creature, item, position, fromPosition) if creature:isPlayer() and creature:isInGhostMode() then return true end if item:getId() == 670 then item:transform(6594) else item:transform(getTileItemById + 15) end item:decay()...
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    Req-10.76 oramond factory (300 votes area) glooth bandits,golems

    Hey, If anybody has map tracked this area, please let me know. OR If you have 10.76 map tracker I have access to this on my tibia character get in touch with me! Thanks!