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  1. Creon

    [Fixed] Znote Error

    I get this error whenever I try and access my account page and I'm not sure what it means. Gyazo - fc31573dcc83db8fbda3be50af270250.png
  2. Creon

    Server Debug

    Hello, My tibia client keeps debugging whenever I try and load my character list, and I have no idea why. I was on it last night and I haven't changed anything at all since then. Debug error: Gyazo - b8986b657d3d1cef40e777c4218b91d2.png
  3. Creon

    RME Error

    So I just opened up my map editor and loaded my world with all of my mappings in it, and I got this error: I looked around my map a bit and about half of everything that was mapped on floor 7 is now gone...
  4. Creon

    [TFS 1.0] Welcome Text

    I've been searching the forums for this script and nothing seems to be updated to tfs 1.0. Basically, I want the exact same thing that this script does ( only updated to 1.0. I've tried playing around with it but I can't seem to get it working...
  5. Creon

    Christmas Events

    I hope that a "Merry Christmas" isn't the only thing that we get during the holidays this year. I was wondering if the staff will be adding the Christmas raids, in which you get Christmas tokens that can be traded for items that are only available once a year.
  6. Creon

    Selling Harbour Lane 1 (Carlin)

    Start: 1kk
  7. Creon


    I understand that blocking for the purpose of losing pz is not against the rules, but when you can't even leave pz to hunt or fight back, then this is total bull shit.
  8. Creon


    Sidestepgod mcing 4 noob chars so his main Sidestepgod can level. This isn't the first time either. Make Cash Bam Bam Tank Make Cassh Whizper
  9. Creon

    Need storage to trade with NPC

    I've been trying to figure out how to make it so that you need storage 60000 to be able to trade with him, but I'm not quite sure how to do that. Thanks in advance.
  10. Creon

    Warzone Bug

    In the first warzone, after clicking the stone and spawning the monsters, the teleport will not open, even after waiting for a certain period of time Error: [14/07/2013 19:08:12] Lua Script Error: [Action Interface] [14/07/2013 19:08:12] in a timer event called from: [14/07/2013 19:08:12]...
  11. Creon


    I've been trying to figure this out for some time now, and I simply cannot. The problem is that when you say yes, Hoggle isn't setting the storage to be able to pass through the door. Please help :( --local keywordHandler = KeywordHandler:new() local npcHandler =...
  12. Creon

    NPC Greet with story in lua

    I combed the forums for something that would help me create this script, but couldn't find it. I'm looking for an npc that will greet you with a story, but I need it in lua. Thanks in advance! (NPC is Gnomally, in case this helps)
  13. Creon

    Selling Fortune Wing 3 (Yalahar)

    Selling my house in Yalahar (Fortune Wing 3) to the highest bidder. Post offers down below, or if you have a serious offer message me in game. Auto win: 70kk
  14. Creon

    Quest Reward

    I would like to make my script say two different messages depending on if you have no inventory space or cap space, but right now it only does one message. How do I make it so it says "You do not have enough cap space" when you have no cap, and make it say "Your inventory is full" when there is...
  15. Creon

    Rubies Quest

    So I have this script for the Small Rubies Quest, but it's giving an unlimited amount of rubies. How do I add a storage for it? function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition, itemEx, toPosition) if getPlayerStorageValue(cid, 10005) < 1 then local bag = doPlayerAddItem(cid, 2147, 6)...
  16. Creon

    Color Message

    I have this script for the battle axe quest in Thais, however, when you click on the skeleton the message is green. How can I change it so the message appears white? local specialQuests = { [2002] = 10003 -- Battle Axe Quest } local questsExperience = { [10001] = 10000 }...
  17. Creon

    Deepling Stages

    Can someone please explain the deepling stages to me. I've read the wiki and done the tasks, but still don't understand how to open the library and gain access to the boss. Thanks!
  18. Creon

    Bring back Icechaw!

    Please vote a yes or no to bring back a new server similar to that of Icechaw (for those who don't know, Icechaw was a high exp real map ot).
  19. Creon

    RS Trap

    This white skull lures people in:
  20. Creon

    Buying House in Venore/Edron/Yalahar/Dara(must have basement if in dara)

    I would like to buy a decent size house in either Yalahar, Edron, or Edron. I would like to pay between 15-25kk, but I can go higher. Message me in game (Creon) or reply here on forums. Edit: Would also accept a house in dara, but it must have a basement.