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    TrainingRoom ByMaSny 8.6

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    Monster Bello 8.6+

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <monster name="Bello" nameDescription="bello" race="blood" experience="3000" speed="300" manacost="0"> ******************************************************************************************* * BELLO: This monster Was made by...
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    Useful :) Thank You.
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    8.6 RPG Style map.

    Very nice! Thank you.
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    OpenTibia LookType Generator v2.0

    Hi! Can you update? Thank you.
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    [10.98] Little Cave

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    Custom Map [By Elexonic]

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    Me retiro, eternamente agradecida

    Antes que nada, agradecerle a todos quienes compartieron conmigo, ya sea en comentarios, sync, chat, etc... Últimamente ya no tengo tiempo para nada, y el poco tiempo que me queda es para dedicarselo a mi nena que crece velozmente a lo cual me hace reflexionar en que rapido se nos va el TIEMPO...
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    [8.54] Arena by Neon

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    RL Pictures

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    Unknown Map

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    Virtual DJ

    Yes! Very very good... I use VDJ Home 7 and Mixcraft 6 for create music mix, remix and new version... Can you send me in private link of download of tracks in video?
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    [9.6] Rising Continents - Release

    Nice map. Thank you.
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    More complete COLORS list

    Animatedtext use this :) Thank you.
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    Monster Crazy Creations Collection

    New pack add:
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    Action Moving Boat

    I have this error: [5/1/2014 14:37:57] [Error - Action Interface] [5/1/2014 14:37:57] mods/scripts/Scripts en General/Azzkaban Acciones Respaldo/movingboat.lua:onUse [5/1/2014 14:37:57] Description: [5/1/2014 14:37:57] ...en General/Azzkaban Acciones Respaldo/movingboat.lua:47: attempt to index...
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    Monster [7.9+] Destructive Force

    Cute boss :) Thank you.