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  1. MxSoft

    [MyAAC] v0.7.10

    Dont u have a html folder?
  2. MxSoft

    Lua Error spamming console

    Maybe is line 11: function OfflineTraining_canStartTraining(cid) -- return bool
  3. MxSoft

    Lua Error spamming console

    Ty i will try this: function OfflineTraining_addTime(cid, addTime) OfflineTraining_setTime(cid, tonumber(OfflineTraining_getTime(cid)) + addTime) end function OfflineTraining_removeTime(cid, removeTime) OfflineTraining_setTime(cid, tonumber(OfflineTraining_getTime(cid)) - removeTime) end
  4. MxSoft

    Lua Error spamming console

    Sorry for reborn this thread, but im still getting erros in the same system but in the logout creaturescript, i tryed to do the same but i didnt get succes. [Error - CreatureScript Interface] data/creaturescripts/scripts/offtrain_logout.lua:onLogout Description...
  5. MxSoft

    C++ Error Compiling

    NVM I found fix, i made public virtual LuaInterface& getInterface() {return m_interface;} LuaInterface m_interface; on talkaction.h
  6. MxSoft

    C++ Error Compiling

    Hello everyone today im having an issue when i try to compile, im adding private war system to my server. Error: In file included from raids.h:26:0, from item.h:29, from tile.h:23, from map.h:26, from creature.h:28...
  7. MxSoft

    8.6 RPG Style map.

    Great!, will you release scripts?
  8. MxSoft

    OTX Paypal Script

    Use gesior, it is compatible with myacc
  9. MxSoft


    Take a look in stats
  10. MxSoft

    [MyAAC] v0.7.10

    Is there a way to create only admin visible menus in template?
  11. MxSoft

    Lua Error spamming console

    Solved ty so much both for the help
  12. MxSoft


    Good map
  13. MxSoft

    Lua Error spamming console

    [Error - CreatureScript Interface] data/creaturescripts/scripts/offtrain_login.lua:onLogin Description: data/creaturescripts/scripts/offtrain_login.lua:16: attempt to perform arithmetic on a string value stack traceback: data/creaturescripts/scripts/offtrain_login.lua:16: in function...
  14. MxSoft

    Lua Error spamming console

    How do i "print" im a little rusty in this XS
  15. MxSoft

    Lua Error spamming console

    Hi, im having a little problem with an script: error: [Error - CreatureScript Interface] data/creaturescripts/scripts/offtrain_login.lua:onLogin Description: data/creaturescripts/scripts/offtrain_login.lua:18: attempt to perform arithmetic on a string value stack traceback...
  16. MxSoft

    Linux What do you recommend?

    They crash it with the npcs that have bad code or sending a large amount of packets, but you dont have to worry if you have a good porcessor. I recommend OTX 8.6
  17. MxSoft

    Lua Event dont add playerstorage

    addEvent(function () area1a = {x=33239,y=31100,z=7} area1b = {x=33295,y=31132,z=7} local revoP = {} for x = area1a.x, area1b.x do for y =...
  18. MxSoft


    Just installed like in gesior acc it should works fine, i moved from gesior to acc, and all my systems works great
  19. MxSoft

    C++ Max Min players online Otlist

    Which distro do you use? That config comes in config.lua maxPlayers = 50
  20. MxSoft


    Other items works great, also i think i just can create a depot chest with sid 102 if player doesnt have any container inside their depots because i fixed 15120 players depot chests from 1610! ty so much for your help