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  1. jypy

    [10.98] Real Map - No Bugs

    Hello OtLanders I've bought a server a couple months ago and now I decide to share it to you guys as i'm not seriously using it. The server have all the new areas/monsters/quests, without any bugs. Some quests are shorten. Here is a backup with all the files i've been working on lately. I'm...
  2. jypy

    Solved Problem when creating guild.

    The guild is empty when created. guilds.php is too long to post here Help me fix this please! <3
  3. jypy

    [Canada] Lumina Global 10.98

    Welcome! Lumina Global is THE new serious Real Map Server & it will launch soon!! We proudly invite you to test this pure treasure! Infos Ip: Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 10.97 - 11.0 Hosted in: Canada, Quebec on a dedicated server Website: Exp rate: Stage...
  4. jypy

    Need some testers

    I'm making low exp server, if anyone is down to test it with me it would be greatly appreciated :) IP: Website: Version: 10.93 Map: Global
  5. jypy

    [France] Oblivia OT [10.77]

    ObliviaOT is OPEN NOW! ~ Register Now! "Oblivia-OT is a new serious server based on Real Tibia with custom advanced systems & add-ons to insure a better gameplay experience. Maintaining a stable, long term & unique server, is for us as important as satisfying the community. Wish to see you here...
  6. jypy

    Team Stolen Reborn 8.6 Is looking for testers!

    I'm making a High exp server with reborn "Stolen Reborn 8.6", with custom spells, custom items, bosses, quests, Zombie, games.. and im looking for some testers so I can fix all the final things up and put this server online! :) If you are interested you can contact me by pm or my skype ...
  7. jypy

    MoveEvent Health/Mana Tiles Tutorial Tfs 0.4

    Hello Otlanders, I tried to find a health/mana tiles tutorial for my highexp server and I did not find anything, so I thought it would be useful to make one :) Create a file in data/movements/scripts/hptile.lua and put this : -- Script Made by Jypy function onStepIn(cid, item, position) if...
  8. jypy

    Team Custom Highexp Reborn Project

    Hello, i'm actualy working on a highexp with reborn server 8.6 (tfs 0.4), i'm at the beginning of it but i already mapped some areas, added subway, 20+ custom items, spawns, bosses, but i want to add a lot more in system and everything. I am looking for 1-2 person who want to take part of a...
  9. jypy

    I can't post on Advertisement

    Hi, i would like to post a new thread about my new server in the advertisement board but when i click "create thread" it just load.. and then nothing.. I dont want to lose all my thread -.- what should i do?
  10. jypy

    cant post on advertisement?

    am i the only one? anyone have a solution?
  11. jypy

    Skull remover

    I'm looking for a Skull remover for gesioracc?
  12. jypy

    Scripter Join our team today.

    Hello Otland comunity, a friend of mine and I are actualy working on a 10.31 real map project. We are looking for a scripter to help us with scripts. We are realy creative and have a lot of ideas on how we could make the more attractive but we do not have the required skills to achieve what we...
  13. jypy

    Team Partner Request.

    Hello, just to introduce myself a little bit, my name is Jean-Philippe, from canada and i'm 21 years old. I'm playing the real tibia since the 7.6 release on 2005, I had 3 characters around level 50-70. As many I retired myself from tibia few times. I also owned some servers, nothing realy...
  14. jypy

    Bmx Thread

    So let's talk about bmx here. Is there any riders or bmx fans? If so who's your favourite rider?
  15. jypy

    [CANADA] Global Real Map 9.8 [Open Today!]

    Status [Open] Connection: IP: Port: 7171 Client: 9.80/9.81 Website: Exp stage : Exp stage : 1-8 = 130x 9-50 = 115x 51-200 = 100x 101-300 = 85x 151-350 = 70x 201-400 = 55x 251-300 = 40x 301-350 = 25x 351-400 = 10x 401-450 = 5x 451+ = 1x...
  16. jypy

    [USA] Real map edited [New Server]

    Connection: IP: Port: 7171 Client: 8.60 Website: (Coming soon) Ingame account manager : 1/1 Stage rate : 8-200 = 200x 201-300 = 150x 301-400 = 100x 400-500 = 50x 501+ = 30x Rate skill : 30x Rate magic level : 30x Rate loot : 10x Features : Custom...
  17. jypy

    [B][USA] Uruvion OT's 8.6[/B]

    Connection: IP: Port: 7171 Client: 8.60 Website: Uruvion OT's Rates: 5000000x Features: 8.0 Rune / Spell System Fast rate RPG Tier System Tier Merging Over 10 Custom Weapons Over 20 Custom Pieces of Equipment Equipment Bonus's (+% Dmg, Regen, Protection)...
  18. jypy

    Team Starting a new project!

    Hello, i'm starting a new server 8.6 and im looking for mature persons who wanted to start a project, serious ppl only. I will need 2 mapper, 2 scripter, and 1 website designer.I wanna start a real map server, with a low exp rate stages. Ofc you will get a staff account in-game. If your...
  19. jypy

    Team Looking for a tester!

    I just started my new 8.6 server, and i need a tester to try it! add me on skype or pm me, Skype : Jypy933
  20. jypy

    Team Looking for mapper and/or scripter for a new server!

    I'm starting my new server soon, so i need a mapper and a scripter for the ot, if someone can build a website too would be apreciated, you'll also be staff with gm accounts. add me on skype : Jypy933 Looking for serious person, wanna start a real big project! Mapper : Not Found! Scripter ...