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  1. vTune

    Old tibia clients are very pixely

    Hi otland. If I use the offical tibia clients for 7.6 (probably older as well) my graphics are very pixely. Is there anything I can do about this? I've added a screen for reference. Thanks, vTune
  2. vTune

    Mapper Yurots 10.77

    Hello everyone! Its time for me to finish a project I've been working on for a while now. Its the legendery yurots remade in to the newer clients. I would say its about 70% done and most of the work that is left is mapping. And since Im not a very skilled mapper Im looking for someone that can...
  3. vTune

    Gaming Level 100 finally!

    First time being level 100+ on rl Tibia. I've stopped on level 98 and 99 before, it was just ridiculous so I had to take my goal fore ONCE! And today it happend! Level 100! :D
  4. vTune

    Gamemaster Frozera needs support team!

    Hello, I'm the owner of a recently started OT called Frozera you can find more information about the server here: But I'm going to give a brief description here aswell. Website...
  5. vTune

    Remove item get 1 donation point

    Hello OtLand, I'm requesting a fairly easy script(Im just a noobtard). You click on a item and it gives u 1 donation point. (Also the item should be removed ofc). I've tried to script this and I could pase in the script as far as I've gotten but I dont think it would help anyone so I skip...
  6. vTune

    Hoster Looking for hoster | Frozera 8.60 edited evolution |

    Hello OtLand, I've recently had some time over to work on my old OT and I feel like I want it to be online again after all this work. If you want to know more about the OT click here: This is whats new since last time it...
  7. vTune


    Please get Twifysofts forum of otland, its killing our commnity and is almost dead already. Thanks vTune
  8. vTune


    Steambox ANy thougts? I think it will be awesome! Steam already got a huge community and it's just a flawless idea imo! :)
  9. vTune

    Galen Svennes life thread

    So I've decided to start on Shadowcores again. This time I will post my progress here just for fun :) Character information: Level: 165~ Skills: 98/87 Vocation: Elite Knight EQ for now: Outfit/mount: Feel free to follow! :)
  10. vTune

    [NEW]Wildstar - MMORPG - 2014

    How awesome isnt this game? People are talking about this as the "next" wow and I can see that it already got a big fanbase. I will play it for sure, what do you guys think? What is Wildstar? Home | WildStar MMORPG WildStar (video game) -...
  11. vTune

    Simcity 2013

    So here is all you need to know about the game basically: SimCity Official Website So Im just wondering is it worth buying? anyone here who played it and can give me some opinions. And yes I know about all the server problems and that it's quite spency. So yea what do you guys think about it? :)
  12. vTune

    Save looktype + chaneg to the saved looktype

    Hello otland! I want to request 2 scipts. The first one is a script where you can save your looktype by clicking on an item/lever or what ever and the second one is that you change to this saved looktype by clicking on another item / lever! I dont have much time atm so if you want an better...
  13. vTune

    What film/show are you watching NOW!

    There were one for music so I thought it might be a good idea to make one for movies/film aswell. Here's what Im watching atm: Bachelorette (2012) - IMDb
  14. vTune

    [8.60] Mundo map by vTune

    I hosted this project months ago and I will probably never use this map again so I thought I might aswell release it. Someone might want it as a base on their own map our just use it as it is. Feel free to do what every you want with it! Here's some information about the map: Type: Its an...
  15. vTune

    Change item for donation/premium points on website

    Hello there OTlanders!, I wanna request a script for TFSV 0.3.6 So this how I want the script to work: You pull a lever and it will remove item 6119 from your inventory and convert them to donation/premium points on the website. And since I'm not a good scripter I have no start on...
  16. vTune

    Gaming vTune on Nova

    Just started RL-Tibia again after a few years. So I just changed to Nova! And I thought I would post my progress over here :) My goal is simply getting level 100 :) And since there were along time since I played RL and first time on this protocol I have no idea how long it will take. Hopefully...
  17. vTune

    Zombie event

    Ok, so we are having a trouble with Zombie Event on Frozera. We are now looking for a decent scripter who can fix this for us, ofcourse for a decent amount of money. Problem: The Zombies do not spawn, it says that they don't even exist. The faster we get help, the more money you get. This...
  18. vTune

    Solved Custom boots

    Hello everyon! Since I'm not so good with the attributes in xml I would just wondering if you guys could help me out'! I would like that these pait of boots gave 100speed, 200 hp/5s 150 hp/5s and last forever? Just comment if you dont understand what I want ^^ <item id="5462"...
  19. vTune

    [France] Frozera | Custom-Evo | 8.6 | Great PVP Opening 22/2CET+1 15:00 Swedish Time

    [Sweden] Frozera | Custom-Evo | 8.6 | Great PVP | Welcome to! Connect Information: Website: Frozera - Latest News :: IP: Port: 7171 Client: 8.6 General Informaion: Custom edited Evo-map Vip system Exp...
  20. vTune

    Solved Custom rune

    Hello otland. Im trying to do a sd that is a little bit stronger then the normal one so its a quite simple script. But I cant get it to work.... What am I doing wrong/missing.. I've tried to search around on custom runes over here and I cant see why mine wont work. So anyways here are my...