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  1. chrillefock

    Solved OTLand donate site? doesn't work
  2. chrillefock

    [8.6] teleport room

    Im bored
  3. chrillefock

    Windows MSVCR100.dll

    Hi, first i got a message saying i need to download msvcr100.dll but then i got this message. And far as i know alot of people also have this problem. windows 7 64bit microsoft visual c** redistributable (64) - 11.0.6103
  4. chrillefock

    [9.6] Cantera

    I am uploading my unfinished edit on cantera, i might start on work on it again but i wont do it alone.. so boring :)
  5. chrillefock

    Cantera OT fans?

    So i have been working on the classic cantera map a couple weeks now and i need some beta testers pm me if you want to join :) This gonna be the best cantera server ever.
  6. chrillefock

    Quest system for tfs 0.2.14

    So I have been trying to fix quests on my server but i cant get it to work and yes i have already watched some tutorials about how 2 but they dont work on my 0.2 (I think) ----------------- I want a quest that can give more than 1 item.
  7. chrillefock

    Chrille's Mapping Thread

    Chrille's Mapping Thread This is my new and first mapping thread and here I will upload pictures of my new project. I will also update this thread every day until the day I die. If you have any questions or ideas comment I will only release mapeditor pics because the tfs havent...