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  1. Belloz V

    [9.6+] New Thais - Custom city

    Hi everybody, 3 months ago i have failed totally in a server. I wasted around 100 bucks to finally get 3 o 4 people online. so i gift it to all of you it its supposed to fit behind thais, because i never really like that alone shit This city was supposed to be only for vip Did you...
  2. Belloz V

    Action Blue, Red, Pirate and Suspicious Surprise Bag, Gooey Mass, Gnomish Supply Package

    Search in your actions.xml surprisebag if you dont have it, put or change the whole line for this <action itemid="6570;6571;7857;15572;16094;16102;18215" event="script" value="other/surprisebag.lua"/> then enter to the "other" folder, if you dont have it make a new one and search for...
  3. Belloz V

    Como instalar paypal automatico?

    alguien tiene el script del ipn o algo asi, y sabe instalarlo, se muy poco sobre php :((
  4. Belloz V

    Solved How do properly erase house tiles and protection zones in RME?

    How to properly erase house tile in RME ? every time i delete a house, the house tiles transform into protection zone, why? how to delete protection zone tile ?
  5. Belloz V

    I am the only one who wants to Thais get revamped?

    Thais, oh, i really love thais, its my favorite city, but last week I was mapping a cip map, and so i was seeing that carlin, ab, kaz, edron, darashia and recently venore are already revamped, BUT NOT THAIS ! WHY NOT? For my, and i think, almost player started in thais, is the tibia city for...
  6. Belloz V

    Map problem without any clue :(

    i really dont know what is this happening, i have a 9.83 map, it just crash :( and i put another map i have, and it runs perfectly, its only with the 9.83 map, i really dont know why, do you people have any clue of why is this happening? - - - Updated - - - haha sorry, i forgot to upload...
  7. Belloz V

    Dreamland - Final Fantasy Tactics Job System

    Hello OTLand, I present to all of you my project: Dreamland. I have been planning this since I played Final Fantasy Tactics (yes, 2007) but never started working. Two months ago I start working on it and its almost finished. The Job System consists of 24 jobs based on Final Fantasy Tactics...
  8. Belloz V

    Solved Modern Acc Problem

    how can i get rid of this table? I do not want them to do characters when making accounts, but i dont know where are the scripts of this table, i dont even know how to edit that table, i mean in what scripts, in what folder i use modern acc 1.6 by lucasferrez
  9. Belloz V

    Why people do this?

    THIS Why do people sign their own post? I have 7 years in otserv forums and this is still happening! They really dont know that your signature goes in the signature space? haha, what do you think of people doing this.
  10. Belloz V

    Tutorial Ayudenme con esto, solidarisence ok?

    Quiero hacer un sistema en el cual, cada vocacion tenga su propio skill, y este suba cuando se consiga experiencia pero SOLO cuando este con esa vocacion, y para usar otras vocaciones tenga que tener tanto lvl en otras vocaciones, me entienden? Pero lo que vengo a pedir aqui es que me den...
  11. Belloz V

    Man by Steve Cutts Animation created in Flash and After Effects looking at mans relationship with the natural world. Music: In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg.
  12. Belloz V

    programas alternativos para compilar ?

    pues resulta que quiero hacer un ot, ok? aa pues resulta quise tener acceso al mejor contenido de ots en toda la galaxia, asi que done en otland lo que me encontre en mi mesita de noche, ok?, a pues bien, resulta que NO HAY NINGUN DISTRO PUTA MADRE, y tengo que compilar por que son puras...
  13. Belloz V


    Quien de ustedes salio de otfusion? Puedo ver a cid maury, elexonic y hell sniper, also kaorus jaja lsslslslslslslslsllssl yo soy belloz, alfa y omega, el principio y el fin
  14. Belloz V

    How can i add a new skill?

    What i need to do if i want to make a new skill that fills only when you get exp from a determinated vocation? like, if you are a paladin, this skill will fills with the experience you get. and how to put it in scripts, like SKILL_EXAMPLE Thanks :)