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  1. Tanken

    How to enable choosing towns in myaac 0.7.10?

    I got my server up and running and working with TF 1.2, real tibia map 10.98 and myaac 0.7.10 Now when I create a character, they go straight to Venore. There's no option to choose what town on the aac. In config.php the code said // town list used when creating character // won't be...
  2. Tanken

    Project Paradox

    This is a music project by myself. My main influences are Aphex Twin, Deftones, and Radiohead Project Paradox on Let me know what you think Constructive criticism is welcome
  3. Tanken

    Items Loss Percentage? TFS 0.3.6

    Where do I change the items loss percentage in TFS 0.3.6, backpack also. If I am supposed to have a playerdeath in creaturescripts can someone post the file please?
  4. Tanken

    Starting Level in Geisor

    Where do I change the starting level for [Gesior AAC] 0.3.4? its not in config/config.php
  5. Tanken

    TFS 0.3.6 Source Help

    Can't find in the sources where I edit info for when you look at a character in tfs 0.3.6, any help?