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  1. xinsanex

    custom spr/dat

    Hello, i have an issue with a custom otclient /data/spr , whenever i try to open it with object builder this appears : ArgumentError: The minimum value may not be greater than the maximum value. at nail.otlib.things::FrameDuration() at nail.otlib.things::ThingSerializer$/readSprites()...
  2. xinsanex

    Obd exporter

    I tried to find a thread about this tool here in otland, but failed , so , im gonna post this here because i think this is an amazing tool , ottools/OBDExporter ( How does it work? , well , in the program folder you're going to get an "input " folder , in...
  3. xinsanex

    Set a key to enable/disable chat game

    Hi! , goodnight (from here at least) , i was wondering if there's a way to set a key to enable/disable chat ingame, i guess there is something about it in the game_interface and hotkeys manager , but i'll apreciate any help :c