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  1. Shawak

    Lua Function [TFS 1.2] creature:setNoMove(bool) & creature:canMove()

    creature.h add below virtual bool isInGhostMode() const { return false; } add bool noMove; bool canMove() const { return !noMove; } void setNoMove(bool noMove) { this->noMove = noMove; } inside creature.cpp search for ReturnValue ret = g_game.internalMoveCreature(this, dir...
  2. Shawak

    [Germany] Battleborn (OTS)

    Hello dear otland community, my friend and me always dreamed of an opentibia server with serveral dungeons and challenges which can be contested within a group of serveral players just like it is possible at other massive multiplayer online role player games. Some days ago we sat together and...
  3. Shawak

    [Mod] Sound System

    Hello guys, today I want to share my sound system for OTClient, since the project it was included is dead now. Here is an example of the config for the sound areas: SOUNDS_CONFIG = { soundChannel = SoundChannels.Music, checkInterval = 500, folder = 'music/', noSound = 'No sound file for...
  4. Shawak

    Tibia AntiCheat Engine

    Well what do you think how would that be? An anti cheat engine or hack shield for Tibia? Did you ever think about something like this? Should it be free?
  5. Shawak


    Hello, OtLand! Do you remember the ip changer 'OTChanger'? No?!?! No Problem! I'll explain you what OTChanger is. OTChanger was an old ip changer project I had some years ago. After long thinking over, I decided to bring OTChanger back to life. I completly recoded the old software to...
  6. Shawak

    [Reupload] Shawak's War Server [v1.7]

    .exe: [8.5] The Forgotten Server 0.3.5pl1 (Crying Damson) [old thread:]] I formated my harddisk long time ago so i lost my server, this data folder i got from some nicely guy called Dvse, i can't promise it's working 100% when you...
  7. Shawak


    OTChanger is an application to replace the ip/port/rsa to login into open tibia servers. It actually supports a lot tibia version and I will try to update it as fast as possible when there is a new tibia client version. Screenshot: (the screen is a litle bit old) Download: - Dowload Page...
  8. Shawak


    Hello everyone! I decided me to release my OTChanger on otland once again. If you think it's good, i'll post the next version, too! Screenshot: (Little bit old) Features: An .OTCF Creator, to create .otfc files which start your tibia client directly and change the ip. Every ip...
  9. Shawak

    Create Account Bug

    Hello. I tested ModernACC and found some bug. My server got own vocations, I set them in config.php. But it still says I have to choose between Sorcerer, Druid, Paladin and Knight when I create an account. But after I created my account, and create a second character, the vocations in...
  10. Shawak

    Compiling doPlayerAddItem on 7.6

    Hello, I've a litle problem and i don't know how to solve it. Always when i add 21 or more items to a player, and the have 2 bps (bp in bp) the function don't add the last (the 1 item) to the next backpack, it drops the item on the map. Here is my source code: int...
  11. Shawak

    Shawak's Ip Changer

    Hello Otlanders. Since I suggested to delete my old ip changer thread, so I decided to make a new/better one. This one is programmed with, like the old one. Please help me and post all your ideas/suggestions/bugs in this thread :thumbup:. [What is new?] I added automatic updating the...
  12. Shawak

    OpenTibia Minimap Manager

    Do you hate to "overwalk" your minimap? Try using the Minimap Manager. The Minimap Manager makes you able to save/load/set/add new/current minimaps. Credits: Programming: Shawak (me) Testing: Shawak (me) (Windows XP; Administrator Mode) Lup0s (Windows 7; Administrator Mode) Screenshots...
  13. Shawak

    [v2.0] TibiaClient Downloader

    Hallo all. Here is my newest programm, i'ts really in the beta phase but still usefull. It downloads all tibia clients if you need them :huh:. Also it updates itselfs if there is a new tibia version!, so enjoy! Download: Screenshot: too lazy atm.. ;) Regards, Shawak
  14. Shawak

    CreatureEvent [0.3.5pl1] PvP Arena

    Credits: 100% by me :thumbup: Script: - data/creaturescripts/creaturescripts.xml <event type="statschange" name="Arena" event="script" value="pvp_arena.lua"/> - data/creaturescripts/scripts/pvp_arena.lua --[[ PvP Aerna v0.1 by Shawak ]]-- local corpse_ids = { 3065, --...
  15. Shawak

    OpenTibia OTRestarter v0.2

    Today I bring out my OTRestarter, rly beta version because I started today at ~ 12:00. But I think the tool will be very usefull. :peace: (And yes I hope for some reputation ;)) Screenshot: Changelog: v0.2 { * Added dates to the write log * Moved Start Server from Settings to Restarter...
  16. Shawak

    [Germany] [8.50/8.52] WarOTs 24/7 Shawak's War Server

    ~~ War OTS 24/7 ~~ * Client 8.50 / 8.52 * Private Accounts or Test players, you can choose * Map change * Much commands * Point/kill highscore * Runes forever * balanced vocations IP: PORT: 7171 Just a litle server incidentally. :p Regards, Shawak
  17. Shawak

    Merry Christmas and a Happy new year everybody!

    Christmas! Merry Christmas to all! :D
  18. Shawak

    Christmas comes!! What's your wish? [Tibia (xD)]

    As topic says, christmas is comming !!! But.. what's your wish? Choose an item here: Official CipSoft Shop for Tibia and TibiaME My Wish !!; :thumbup: Regards, RedSkull T-Shirt-wearing Shawak :peace: (Yes I was bored xD)
  19. Shawak


    I'm using TFS 0.3.5pl1 rev 2961. If I'm removing a item with this function: function remove(p) local pos, id = p.pos, local item = getTileItemById(pos, id).uid if item ~= 0 then doRemoveItem(item) end end then comes this error (only sometimes) and it crashs the server. ;)
  20. Shawak

    Print in 0.2..

    Just a litle question, I used 0.3~ a long time, there was the function print(""), but the function dont wotk with 0.2.. So my question, what function should I ust to print sth.? Regards, Shawak