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  1. sasdasxc

    Google chrome old layout

    Open new card and paste this as you can see in the picture below: chrome://flags/#top-chrome-md Change UI Layout for the browser's top chrome to normal and restart chrome
  2. sasdasxc

    GitHub sold for 7.5 billion

    Microsoft to acquire GitHub for $7.5 billion | Stories so much money: D
  3. sasdasxc

    OpenTibia New RME v.3.4

    Features: New Find Item / Jump to Item dialog. 63aebaf Configurable copy position format. 8358e7e Add text ellipsis for tooltips. d792de9 Show hook indicators for walls. b5de55c Updated data for 10.98 7c82124 Fixed bugs: Icon background colour; white and gray no longer work. #205 Only show...
  4. sasdasxc

    Webdesign Webdesign old project

    My old project site for server evo : imgur album I hope that inspires you. Home Support Forum Shop Highscores Character Guild management Home #2 Create Character Forum #2 Forum home Two-factor authentication I hope that someone likes it ;). map album Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  5. sasdasxc

    WIN 10

    Does anyone know a program that disables unnecessary programs on the system? When I do it manually after restarting, they are still enabled and I can not disable Windows updates
  6. sasdasxc

    pits of inferno quest

    has someone quest log to pits of inferno quest? tfs 1.2
  7. sasdasxc

    Tfs 1.2 10.98

    I am looking for a cast system for Release The Forgotten Server 1.2 · otland/forgottenserver · GitHub