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    regarding a host service

    hey guys, i've heard that you can get a 30 days free vps as a trail thats 4 gb or something, but i have no information of how to get it or where ? can someone guide me please, thanks in advance.
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    Need some help/advice

    Can you guys recommend me a cheap vps, for an Evo server . Would appreciate your time :)
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    Lua Need Help With Xenobot SCript please

    I need help with a script on xenobot well, the script is simple i think but i can't figure it out i want a script that attacks the player even if u get kicked u login and target the same player hopefully any good scripter would help me :D
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    [France] New Hot Server 8.6 Reset System And More! client:8.6 Account manager 1/1 Exp:99999 hosted in france online status:24/7 Reset system War system reflect system Free Donations Fire event Castle event War event Zombie event and much more
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    [France] Epicwar server!

    Epic WAR *Server Ip : *Client:8.6 *Hosted in :France *Login:1/1 Account Manager *Start level 150 *kill players gets money *VIP set obtainable by money *No Donations at all *Rep Frag system *Anti-MC *And much more features *This...
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    Need help please Firestorm event

    from = {x=1205,y=1162,z=7}, -- left top corner of event room to = {x=1217,y=1169,z=7} -- right bottom corner of event room }, rewards = {2472, 8982, 5785, 2365}, -- reward id which player can win (reward is random) players = {...
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    Solved Regarding items

    hello everyone, i have an issue some items i can't configure the vocations to wear them, cuz i can't find the vocations id on the items.xml but they still have vocations like the batwing helmet i can't find how to change the vocation id to make it suitable for all the vocations, hope you could...
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    Account manager lag and crash server with magebomb

    Im facing a problem cuz im using account manager، some guys keep using magebomb until lag and crash please help :(
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    Weapon With Skills

    i want help with script that makes my spear or sword hits according to the skills, so i mean it hits the same hit everytime not randomly, and the same hit according to your skills, hope u could provide me with one and help me to configure it cuz i'm new to tibia ot and i wish my project comes to...
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    Working mining script/upgrade

    Hey everyone Im looking for a working mining system that works perfectly, i would appericate your help as its my first time creating ot server, also if u could hand me working upgrade system script server 8.60 cry damson, hope you could help me starting my little project, thanks in advance :)...