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    [France] Feltera | 10.90 | Global Map | Free points

    Website: Host: Dedicated DDos: Advanced ground-level DDoS protection. Uptime: 24/7 Map: CipSoft map from 10.90 Server Type: Highrate with stages Server Information Exp: staged 400x - 5x Skills: 50x Magic: 30x Loot: 5x RedSkull: 6 Frags BlackSkull: 20 Frags Frag Time: 6 hours...
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    Reward on advance? (1.2)

    Been having trouble giving my players a reward at certain level.. Is there any script that rewards players on lvl 50, 100, and whatnot? Thanks
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    Strange error with Geisor

    Hello, Just finishing up my server for release and noticed that it shows alot of fake clients online, or atleast displays numbers on the front page. TFS 1.2, 10.90, using Geisor 2012. OS: Linux Ubuntu 14.04 and And when i logout from the game...
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    Summons teleport to player?

    Hello, Using TFS 1.2, the summons does not teleport to the player, is there any config.lua cvar that has to be added? or any script for this? Thanks
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    [Sweden] Twink-IT | RL-map |10.77 | 500x | free points

    Welcome to Twink-IT! Last thread got deleted, lovely! ~*Ip*~: ~*Port*~: 7171 ~*Client*~: Tibia 10.77 ~*Uptime*~: 24/7 ~*Hosted in*~: Sweden, on a dedicated server with 100 mbits Internet connection. ~*Website*~: ~*Exp rate*~: 500x ~*Map*~: Real map ~*Runes*~...
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    [TFS 1.2] Premium Points for Level?

    Hello, Searching for someone who has a script wich rewards players for advances, in premium points. I'm using the standard "premium_points" in database. So when someone gets lvl 50, 100, 150 or 200, they get X amount of points! Is it even possible? I'm such a newbie when it comes to this.
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    TFS 1.0, 10.40 Skip part of quest

    Hello, i've been playing on some servers which have some part of the quest removed or skipped and i want that for my server too. For example, i want every new created chararcter to be able to travel to farmine, sell zaoan loot to esrik, use carpet etc. without any pre quests/tomes of knowledge...
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    Mount for X killed monster

    Hello, I have a weird request for a system that gives you a mount for killing X monsters, Senario Kill 10 rats, be rewarded with "Rented Horse" When killing a rat, it should say something like: "You have X rats left to kill for a reward." When the X number of rats has been killed...
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    MYSQL errors?

    mysql_real_query(): SELECT * FROM player_blessings WHERE player_id='5': MYSQL ER ROR: Table 'server.player_blessings' doesn't exist mysql_store_result(): SELECT * FROM player_blessings WHERE player_id='5': MYSQL ERROR: Table 'server.player_blessings' doesn't exist mysql_real_query(): UPDATE...
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    [Sweden]Hermera|RL 8.60|High EXP - 200x|All quests|100% map

    Welcome to Hermera! (IP: Website Hermera is yet a new real mapserver with almost the exact same features as anyother realmapserver. All cards on the table, we do not offer 100% compelete map, but infact 99%. The difference with our server is that there's no shop, you cannot buy...
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    Gamemaster Need 2 GM's

    Hello, Our server Nereria has just started and we need 2 GM's! I won't make a huge thread, send your application! Nereria thread ( Application minimum age of 14. Has to have English or Swedish skills. Shoot!
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    [Sweden]Nereria|Real map|Stages|NO pay-to-win|8.60

    Welcome to Nereria! (IP: Website Nereria is yet a new real mapserver with almost the exact same features as anyother realmapserver. All cards on the table, we do not offer 100% compelete map, but infact 99%. The difference with our server is that there's no shop, you cannot buy...
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    Hoster Need host? Get your server here.

    Hello, My name is Christoffer and im Swedish, 23 years old. Been offering my hosting services for a while now, my "clients" can use the servers as core hosting for their otserver or a plain webserver, my servers is unmanaged but im able to assist if anything crashes. Im offering one(1) server...
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    [SWEDEN] Nerena | Real | No darn donations | Active GMs

    Welcome to Nerena! We are online again after 2 years! All accounts has been deleted and everything has gone reset! WE DO NOT HAVE DONATIONS! This time we are opening a real map server, 8.60! All quests and everything are working as it should! Also, we added soft boots to mana shop in...
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    Hoster I7 | Web | 100/100 | Full support | Swedish

    Zeroone is back to hosting! Welcome I am back to hosting after finishing my last project! Im from Sweden with decent English skills, Also some norway! Im age of 22 and working as a chef, fulltime! Before, I've been hosting some OTs that have sadly died lately, due to lack of spirit and time...
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    Hoster Swedish hoster, 100\100, 24\7.

    Hello! Im starting to host again and i don't want to host any 20389239048x exp servers or copied real tibia map, only custom rpg server(s) Specs: Windows XP pro, sp3 AMD Athlon, 64x, 3200+ dual 2.01Ghz, 2.~ GB ram network: 100\100, Tele2 Switch 2 TeamViewer connection, i won't...
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    Magic effect! Read!

    ok, so i think this is the place to ask. I'm really really bad at lua and those things, so im asking some pro here to help me! When you reach level 100, i want the character to have the magic effect 66 every 1minute, is that possible? thank you for your help!
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    hope its the right section okay! so ive been working a little bit on my website for a while now, bought the licence and everything works great! ill tell you about the idea: well its pretty easy, you will have to register on my site and then you have to adopt a monster from the "Adopt"...