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  1. sasdasxc

    Google chrome old layout

    Open new card and paste this as you can see in the picture below: chrome://flags/#top-chrome-md Change UI Layout for the browser's top chrome to normal and restart chrome
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    TFS 1.X+ TFS 1.2 Compiling errors

    Yup, the last Boost version and msvc 15.5.3 were released at about the same time, so we didn't manage to get the many updates tested and in that release. You can either: Do as the message suggests and define BOOST_CONFIG_SUPPRESS_OUTDATED_MESSAGE. Everything will work just fine, but some...
  3. sasdasxc

    GitHub sold for 7.5 billion

    Microsoft to acquire GitHub for $7.5 billion | Stories so much money: D
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    Desktop Post your desktop!

  5. sasdasxc

    [Gesior AAC] Thora Layout

    [Gensior acc] Bostrap Thora
  6. sasdasxc

    AAC Powergamers

    TFS version ?
  7. sasdasxc

    OpenTibia New RME v.3.4

    Source code (zip) Source code (tar.gz)
  8. sasdasxc

    OpenTibia New RME v.3.4

    Features: New Find Item / Jump to Item dialog. 63aebaf Configurable copy position format. 8358e7e Add text ellipsis for tooltips. d792de9 Show hook indicators for walls. b5de55c Updated data for 10.98 7c82124 Fixed bugs: Icon background colour; white and gray no longer work. #205 Only show...
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    ShadowCores Layout for Znote AAC

    look this Webdesign - Webdesign old project
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    Desktop Post your desktop!

    @webtimize @Static_ @SN4KY @Raggaer everyone uses win 10 :p
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    Desktop Post your desktop!

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    Website - Show/Hide Function Gesior 2012

    How To Toggle Password Visibility
  13. sasdasxc

    SSL certificate problem?

    apt-get install php5-curl and restart your webserver
  14. sasdasxc

    Solved Why people can't login?

    HalfAway - Tools & Layouts
  15. sasdasxc

    Solved Why people can't login?

    You have blocked ports Login Port - 7171 Game Port - 7172 Website - 80
  16. sasdasxc

    C++ [YUROTS] EDIT SOURCE 7.6 to 7.72

    [CAST] - OTX Server 2.X.S-3 LORD ZEDD (7.x/8.x/8.5x/8.6x/8.7x/10.x)
  17. sasdasxc

    Solved Why people can't login?

    This is a very bad solution ... you do not help in this way @jigsaw this problem has already been solved here[node]=16 Use the search option in the forum. And read: Rules for the Support board
  18. sasdasxc

    HELP WEB TSF 0.3 version 7.6

    Try this GitHub - peonso/ZnoteOTHire: ZnoteAAC for OTHire