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  1. jypy

    [10.98] Real Map - No Bugs

    Sweet, make a list of them please :)
  2. jypy

    [10.98] Real Map - No Bugs

    All you need should be inside the backup.rar :)
  3. jypy

    [10.98] Real Map - No Bugs

    If you're sure about that, why won't you just download his datapack? ;)
  4. jypy

    [10.98] Real Map - No Bugs

    You used the RME inside the Backup.rar?
  5. jypy

    [PHP/LUA/C++] Help wanted for quick jobs (Paid)

    Tfs & Client version? I might be able to explain you how the ingame shop works. (for free xD)
  6. jypy

    [10.98] Real Map - No Bugs

    glad to hear it :D
  7. jypy

    [10.98] Real Map - No Bugs

    thanks for your positive comment :) glad you came out here to post it, very constructive.
  8. jypy

    [10.98] Real Map - No Bugs

    Hello OtLanders I've bought a server a couple months ago and now I decide to share it to you guys as i'm not seriously using it. The server have all the new areas/monsters/quests, without any bugs. Some quests are shorten. Here is a backup with all the files i've been working on lately. I'm...
  9. jypy

    Solved Problem when creating guild.

    Solved. Close Thread There was some problem with the guild trigger.
  10. jypy

    Solved Problem when creating guild.

    Nothing happened :/
  11. jypy

    Solved Problem when creating guild.

    The guild is empty when created. guilds.php is too long to post here Help me fix this please! <3
  12. jypy

    [Canada] Lumina Global 10.98

    Welcome! Lumina Global is THE new serious Real Map Server & it will launch soon!! We proudly invite you to test this pure treasure! Infos Ip: Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 10.97 - 11.0 Hosted in: Canada, Quebec on a dedicated server Website: Exp rate: Stage...
  13. jypy

    Need some testers

    I'm making low exp server, if anyone is down to test it with me it would be greatly appreciated :) IP: Website: Version: 10.93 Map: Global
  14. jypy

    [France] Oblivia OT [10.77]

    ObliviaOT is OPEN NOW! ~ Register Now! "Oblivia-OT is a new serious server based on Real Tibia with custom advanced systems & add-ons to insure a better gameplay experience. Maintaining a stable, long term & unique server, is for us as important as satisfying the community. Wish to see you here...
  15. jypy

    Bmx Thread

    haha yea idgaf what people say i love my plastic pegs, sliding like mom in dad <3
  16. jypy

    Bmx Thread

    Sorry for the REALY LATE reply lol but here is the bike i was & still riding.
  17. jypy

    Team CanadaOT - Team recruiting

    Greeting, my name is Jean-Philippe, im 22 years old and im from canada. (I'm french, my english sucks, be kind lol) I can help on scripts; mapping also. Concerning the community management I think i'm great too, I've always liked to know that the "customer" is fully satisfacted from what I have...
  18. jypy

    Flappy bird - Your highscore!

    40 here :D
  19. jypy

    MoveEvent Health/Mana Tiles Tutorial Tfs 0.4

    Thanks for your tips guys! I appreciate! :)
  20. jypy

    Team Stolen Reborn 8.6 Is looking for testers!

    It is actualy online for testers, create an account on website :)