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  1. EdMignari

    OpenTibia Remere's Map Editor 3.5

    Remere's Map Editor 3.5 Features: Implements flood fill in Terrain Brush. Update wall brushes for 10.98. Added menu Show As Minimap. Make spawns visible when placing a new spawn. Fixed bugs: Fix container item crash. DOWNLOAD
  2. EdMignari

    OpenTibia Remere's Map Editor 3.2

    Hi, Guys The RME was updated! What's new? Features: Export minimap by selected area. Search for unique id, action id, containers or writable items on selected area. Go to Previous Position menu. Keyboard shortcut 'P'. Data files for version 10.98. Select Raw button on the Browse Field...
  3. EdMignari

    Scripting on the RME

    OT world has a lot of skilled Lua programmers. This will enable them to implement new features like procedural map generation, custom area selection and move, custom item replacement, etc. Already implemented functions: g_gui.newMap() g_gui.loadMap(path) g_gui.shouldSaveCurrentMap()...
  4. EdMignari


    Do you need inspiration to create an island or a continent? MapShapeGen generates shapes that can be saved as OTBM format and open it in Remere's Map Editor! Download Scan
  5. EdMignari

    Remere's Map Editor 3.1

    Hi, Guys The RME was updated! What's new? Features: In-game box improvements. Now the hidden tiles, visible tiles and player position are displayed. New Zoom In, Zoom Out and Zoom Normal menus. New keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+Alt+Click Select the relative brush of an item. Ctrl++ Zoom In...
  6. EdMignari

    Open Tibia Framework [c#]

    Hey guys, I'm stopping development of open source projects for open tibia, but before that I want to announce the latest projects. They are only for versions 10.10+ OpenTibia - A set of classes and components to create open tibia tools. OBDExporter - A tool to export .obd files (Object Builder...
  7. EdMignari

    RME - Linux [ Discussion | Feedback ]

    First of all, I want to mention the incredible work of Hampus Nilsson (Remere). RME is amazing and I want to improve it. So I'm requesting feedback on RME on Ubuntu. Bugs, performance, etc. For OSX will be improved later. Please use the issue track on GitHub or this post. Any help is always...
  8. EdMignari


    I'm open sourcing a small tool that I use to get monsters from the server and add them to the RME. GitHub Download How to use It: Select the monsters.xml of your server . Select the output folder. Click in start button. It will seek all the monsters and add to a new creatures.xml I just...
  9. EdMignari

    Object Builder - Discussion

    The Object Builder was originally created for private purposes and unexpectedly became one of the most used tools in Open Tibia. It was written in Apache Flex/AS3, I particularly like that much, but has no support for Linux and is somewhat slow. I have looked at JavaFX and it seems quite similar...
  10. EdMignari

    RPG Tibia based

    This is my RPG made with AS3 :)
  11. EdMignari

    OTC Gray Skin

    Gray skin for applications ;) Merge the date paste of the client.
  12. EdMignari

    Remere's Map Editor

    Customized Remere's Map Editor Supported versions: 7.6 - 10.37 Features: * Support for extended clients * Support for transparency (Menu File > Preferences > Client Version) Download Visual C++ Redistributable Packages (Required installation) RME Scan GitHub Note: Regular clients will...
  13. EdMignari

    Sprite Editor

    TibiaCanvas is an application used to edit sprites in real time. The project was discontinued. Latest version is 0.1 Beta 2 Download TibiaCanvas Scan Project Sample Scan Note: There is probably bugs. I will not give support.
  14. EdMignari

    New OTItemEditor

    OTItemEditor is a program used to edit the OTB data files. GitHub Credits: - these guys - Edmignari: Refactoring code and layout improvements.
  15. EdMignari

    ObjectBuilder [10.32]

    ObjectBuild is a program used to edit dat/spr files. ObjectBuilder 0.4.1 Supported versions: 10.32, 10.31, 10.30 Help: Files info. Select object type. Object view. Go to first object. Go to previous object. Object id. To select a id, insert the value and press the enter key. Go to...